3 years of Blogtacular – and why this year was the best!

I’ve been lucky enough to attend all three Blogtacular events, with the 17th/18th June 2016 event being the latest. I’d wrote a spontaneous post a couple of weeks back about the things to do post-Blogtacular, if you’d attended, but today I kind of want to take a moment to reflect back on the weekend and why this year was the best event.

So what is Blogtacular? I appreciate you might be reading this wondering what the heck it is. While I could recite what it says on their website, about “Blogtacular being the place for bloggers whose hearts beat with creativity to come together to meet, share and inspire.”, I’d like to add a personal spin to it. Blogtacular is the one day of my year where I get to step out of my day to day routine to really spend a day on me and my creativity. For that reason, it’s a real treat day and a day I countdown to. I feel pretty fortunate have that opportunity and to have something in the diary that I know will keep me happy and creative… plus a chance to meet up with fellow creative folk, some of whom I class as friends and others are most likely friends in the making!

3 years of attending Blogtacular - and why this year was the best!

I’d probably struggle to put into words what I took from the day, so for now here are my five reasons why this year was the best.

1. I full threw myself into it. What’s the phrase? You’ll get out what you put in? That. This year I booked myself into a hotel for the Friday night, instead of rushing to get there on the Saturday morning. That meant I arrived before the doors opened and was able to enjoy breakfast and time to natter to people in a relaxed fashion before it all kicked off. It also meant I got to go to the welcome party at West Elm. On the day itself I also made a conscious effect to look at the marketplace, go to the creative genius bar to talk to Allison Sadler and to do some crafting with the ladies from The New Craft House. I knew the more I got involved in, the more I would take from the day and it really worked!

2. Everything ran like clockwork. I mention this because it’s one of those things where if it runs smoothly you don’t tend to notice, but if it goes to pot you really notice. I cannot complement Kat and the team enough on how smoothly everything ran on the day; everyone was well informed, we knew where everything was and the timings were spot on. So, yes, I did notice and kudos to team Blogtacular for a smoothly running day, allowing everyone to fully relax.

3. Fantastic speakers. Every year Blogtacular pull it out of the bag with a fab line up of speakers, and every year I wonder how they’ll top it next time. Lisa Congdon‘s keynote speech made me really think about what I was expected to do in life vs. what I really want to do, Kate at A Playful Day made me step back and give thought to telling a story and Laura at Superlatively Rude made me think about my writing and how I could been a bit more bold like Laura. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

4. A real sense of community and friendship. A friend recently told me about a blogging event she went to where she ended up having lunch on her own because no one talked to her. I was shocked. Hand on heart, I could never imagine that happening at Blogtacular. Everyone is friendly and looking out for each other. If you end up standing on your own, it won’t be for too long before someone comes over to say hello, and if you go to a talk on your own you’ll be talking to the person sitting next to you in no time.

5. Space and time to talk, chill, eat and be inspired! Going to an event like Blogtacular can be a big deal. Being in a room with lots of people who you’re perhaps intimidated by, or simply don’t know, can be quite nerve wracking, but the environment for Blogtacular was spacious, with teas, coffees etc. on tap and several breaks where you could fuel up on food and drink (including an incredibly delicious lunch!). In my opinion, having space eases nerves and allows you to break away if you just need a five minute breather.

A huge thank you to Kat and team Blogtacular for a wonderful day! And a big hello to all the Blogtacular attendees!

Leanne x

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Photo credit: A big thank you to Mollie Makes and Will Ireland for the photo used in this post.

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