5 blogs I’m reading this month

After seeing a recent mention of ‘Write the blog you’d want to read’ I thought I’d take that advice and share five of my current favourite reads with you; blogs can provide new ideas, inspiration and learnings, so I hope you’ll find something you like. Monica, Lucy, Ky, Ruth and Vanessa are all incredibly talented in their own ways, so it’s been a lot of fun to write about their online presence.

5 blogs I’m reading this month

Blogs I'm reading - The Travel Hack - This Little Space of Mine

The Travel Hack

In case you hadn’t heard (ha!) I’m heading off to California in April; I am giddy with excitement about our trip and have been pinning, researching and browsing until I fall asleep with my iPad in hand (seriously). I met Monica, of The Travel Hack, at a Nuffnang Workshop in November and she recently pointed me in the direction of some handy posts she’s written about California. It’s not just California, this girl has travelled! A must read.

Head over to The Travel Hack

Blogs I'm reading - Capture by Lucy - This Little Space of Mine

Capture by Lucy

I’ve been thinking a lot more about colours, my surroundings and my attempts at photography, so Lucy’s blog is essential reading for me. Lucy is a beautiful photographer, her post on Leon’s is one of my favourites, and I love the rich array of content she posts about her profession, gorgeous home and her weekly #capturingcolour series.

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Blogs I'm reading - Clementine Rocks - This Little Space of Mine


OK, I’m biased, this is written by my friend Ky about her life as a new mum to the gorgeous Clementine. But it’s so nice to see friends set up their own blogs and I so genuinely enjoy reading what Ky has to say. Babies aside, Ky also loves live music, crafting and a spot of photography; I can’t wait to see what Ky does next with her new space!

Head over to Clementine.Rocks

Blogs I'm reading - Gathered Cheer - This Little Space of Mine

Gathered Cheer

A relatively new read for me, I love Ruth’s style. Her photo selection and styling is fresh and beautiful and it makes every post a delight to read. Similar to Lucy, Ruth runs a weekly #thisjoyfulmoment series (alongside Laura from We Made This Home) where she encourages readers to share a moment from their Sunday, on Instagram. With DIYs, home interior concepts and weekly reads, I think you’ll find something you like.

Head over to Gathered Cheer

Blogs I'm reading - Travelling Cats - This Little Space of Mine

Travelling Cats

And finally, something completely different for you. Travelling Cats is exactly that, a blog of photos of cats in different countries. Created by Vanessa, the aim (other than cats!) is to give insight into the cities and countries in which photos are taken. Cultures can vary widely and this is documented through Vanessa’s work. Plus, cats. Cats, cats, cats!

Head over to Travelling Cats

What blogs are you loving at the moment? Are you a blogger? Share your link in the comments below so I can have a nosey!


Photo credit: The Travel Hack, Capture by Lucy, Clementine.Rocks, Gathered Cheer and Travelling Cats

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