5 common blog obstacles and how to overcome them

Hello! I’m back today with another marketing themed blog post, this time looking a 5 common blog obstacles a lot of bloggers seem to face and notes on how to overcome them.

Before I talk about blog obstacles I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who took the time to read the Trello post I published last month. I was so nervous about putting it out there and annoying readers, as it’s not really craft or home related, but the response was great and I’ve even got a few new people using Trello and seeing the benefits. That’s a huge win and makes the time I spent putting that post together totally worthwhile. So, onto today’s post…

5 common blog obstacles (and how to overcome them!) - Post via This Little Space of Mine

5 common blog obstacles and how to overcome them

I’ve picked and discussed 5 common blog obstacles below; these are ones I’ve come across or know there’s been a lot of discussion on. We all face our own unique battles and I hope this will help guide you if you’re new to blogging or been blogging for a while and are finding yourself getting ‘stuck’. I’m happy to answer further questions in a follow up post, so your feedback would be wonderful. You can also email or tweet me if you need a helping hand with anything blogging related. So let’s go –

1. No one is reading my blog, what’s the point?

I include this one because it’s been a bug bear of mine over the years. Ultimately I always come to the conclusion that you’ve got to be blogging for yourself. Yes remember your audience, but stick to your guns, stick to posting about what you’re genuinely interested in and your tribe will find you eventually (with a little help from self-promotion on social media). The point has to be it’s for you and if it’s not, perhaps blogging isn’t the right avenue for you.

2. My blog isn’t as good as x, y or z and it’s dragging me down.

Oh self-doubt and comparison is a horrible thing. We’ve all been there and we’re all critical of our own work – I know I am. But remember your journey and where you are in your story; the likelihood is that you’re comparing yourself to someone who has been blogging for a long time, does it for a full time job, has a team of collaborators etc. The reasons are endless. The point is you have your own story to tell; sure, be inspired by what others are doing to push you further, but don’t let it drag you down. If it is, stop looking at them.

3. I don’t even know what to write about anymore.

Have you thought about having a blog break? I did it last summer for 6 weeks (and plan to do it again this year) and it was a great opportunity to have a rest and re-charge the creative batteries. Sometimes you can be “too in it” to see objectively, so a break could give you a chance to rest, plan and re-focus. If that’s not an option, how about creating a series of small posts to space out content? Or there are lots of posts on my Marketing and Blogging Pinterest board designed to give content ideas.

4. I’m struggling to find the time to blog.

I work full time and totally understand this, but I’m always of the opinion that you’ll make time if it’s something you really enjoy. I plan/prep blog posts during my lunch break, in the evenings and over the weekend. I have to think about my time carefully and I’d be lost without my Trello board (check out my post on organising your blog calendar with Trello), my Erin Condren Planner and scheduling tools on Hootsuite and Facebook. Scheduling and forward thinking is key here, but always think about what’s realistic for you; I know I physically couldn’t blog every day (nor do I want to), but I’ve found my groove with 3 times a week.

5. There are so many social media channels out there – which ones should I be using?

It’s true, there are! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Periscope, the list goes on! The best thing you can do is spend time on the channels you enjoy the most; while I love the idea of YouTube I don’t know if I have the time or energy to really give it the attention it deserves to produce great content. It’s much better to give the best you possibly can on a handful of channels then spread yourself too thinly on all. I’d definitely recommend setting up profiles on these channels (if nothing else, to own the username!) but pick a couple and work to build engagement on those and then expand if you feel comfortable. My favourites are Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

I hope you’ve found this useful; do you agree or disagree with any of my points? I’d love to hear your feedback. I’ve also got lots more ideas over on my Marketing and Blogging Pinterest board, so do pop over for further reads. You can also email or tweet me if you need a helping hand with any blogging questions.

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Thanks for reading and I hope you have a good Wednesday!

Leanne x

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2 Comments on 5 common blog obstacles and how to overcome them

  1. Sarah Knight
    16/04/2016 at 1:38 pm (2 years ago)

    Great post, Leanne. I think all bloggers have experienced some (or all) of these at some point, and agree with your advice.

    • Leanne Beale
      17/04/2016 at 5:51 pm (2 years ago)

      Thank you Sarah, thank you for commenting. 🙂