5 things I have learnt from starting a blog

…or, 5 things I learned from closing my first blog and starting all over again!

5 things I learnt from starting a new blog - This Little Space of Mine

Starting a new blog can be an impulsive decision or something you spend hours and hours planning. I tend to swing on the planning side of things, but regards of how you approach it I wanted to offer five tips for starting a blog – while they’re fresh in my mind.

I’ve been blogging since I started working in online marketing five years ago, ran Knit Me A Cake for two years up until September 2014 and launched This Little Space of Mine in November 2014, but I’m still learning. Blogging is a constantly evolving process so whether you’re a new or pro blogger I hope you’ll find something useful here.

  1. It doesn’t matter how much planning you do, there will always be a last minute rush when you launch

    I had two months to plan, plan, plan and yet when it came to launching This Little Space of Mine there was still a lot to do – some things I could have prepared, others I couldn’t. For example, updating your social media profiles with the link to your blog, setting up a Bloglovin’ profile, scheduling tweets. Do as much as you can before launch.

  2. It’s a continuous process, so be on the lookout for things you’re unhappy with

    Now is the best time to fix those things that niggle you. When I launched this blog for some reason comments were off; thankfully a reader let me know via Twitter, but I was so annoyed that happened. I was also unhappy with how images were being pinned, so I fixed that. Be on the lookout at every step of the way, but don’t obsess.

  3. Give yourself the time you need aka don’t rush sending out a newsletter!

    The key thing I regret from launching my blog was rushing the newsletter. I’d created a ‘coming soon’ data capture form, shared it and gained a few people who wanted to be the first to know about it. So what did I do? Put together the newsletter just as I published the first post. The design didn’t match the blog, I definitely should’ve included more links to the site and it looked very plain and unloved. Not the biggest disaster in the world, but looking back it wasn’t cool. So take your time to get the key elements right.

  4. Traffic doesn’t come immediately

    I launched my blog, thought yay I’m happy with it and checked Google Analytics. There was nothing, well, maybe one or two visits (most likely from me or my friends). There’s no such thing as an overnight success in blogging, so don’t obsess about the metrics and instead focus on making your blog something you’re proud of.

  5. You’ll get nowhere if you don’t talk to people

    Blogging is a community and there’s no way you’re going to succeed (in my opinion) if you don’t talk to fellow bloggers, tell them if you like a post, comment on posts, follow them on Twitter etc. The more you talk, the more inspired you’ll be and the more likely you are to be able to build a long standing audience. I count myself very lucky that some readers from my previous blog have transferred over to This Little Space of Mine – it was never a given.

Do you have any tips you’d offer for starting a new blog? We all approach blogging differently, but one thing I love is how much the blogging community shares with each other (hence tip number 5).

If you’re looking for more blog inspiration, I’ve set up a marketing tips Pinterest board that has lots of useful advice. I’d also recommend joining in with Blogtacular’s weekly chat on Twitter – every Wednesday at 9pm, just follow the #blogtacular hashtag. If you’d like to chat more about blogging or marketing in general drop me an email – I’d love to hear from you.


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