A look back at January 2016

Hello! How has your January been?My month review posts tend to look at what I’ve been up to, what I’ve been making and what I’m looking forward to, all with a little help from photos from my Instagram feed. But this month has been all kinds of different. January is always tricky but seeing my Dad in hospital, and discussing his ongoing care, has made this an odd month and one I wouldn’t wish to repeat anytime soon.

A look back at January 2016 - This Little Space of Mine

The month started really well; Stu took me to Bath to celebrate my 30th birthday and we had a wonderful weekend. He spoiled me rotten (as did my family) and I felt very special. But then January 4th arrived and everything changed very suddenly. As the month has gone on things have improved and my amazing Dad is recovering well but that, alongside further family illnesses, hasn’t made it that fun a month. Plus losing David Bowie, Alan Rickman and Sir Terry Wogan has been all kinds of sad. What is up with the universe at the moment?! Here are a couple of pics from my birthday…

With all that going on it’s been a battle to keep positive, some days have been good, some not so much. We’ve had lots of support as a family and received some really thoughtful and sweet messages.

There have been some day trips too; my Dad and his girlfriend got us all tickets to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane for my birthday – so thankful we could still go to that. Have you seen it? It was so good, the set was incredible. In a weird coincidence, my best friends organised for us to have a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed afternoon tea yesterday. So much fun and so nice to be with friends – I’ve felt quite disconnected from everyone this month.

I’ve also picked up a new craft project which has kept me well and truly distracted – the Frosted Pumpkin 2016 stitch along. I’d forgotten how addictive cross stitch can be and thoroughly enjoyed working on the first month pattern and seeing everyone’s progress. The next pattern arrives today (or 1am tomorrow if you’re in the UK like me).

I’ve also got stuck in with my year in books challenge – reading 12 books in a year is a big goal of mine and this month I’ve managed two – #GIRLBOSS and The Twits. You can read my reviews and my book choice for this month over here.

It all sounds a bit doom and gloom, but actually I’m feeling positive about February and the year ahead – despite the bad bits. I’m determined to dig deep and be strong (as my Dad would always tell me to be).

I’ve also got to say a big thank you for popping by over the last month; blogging has taken a little bit of a back seat (though I managed a few posts) yet traffic wise I had a really great month – one of my best. I can’t tell you how much that makes me smile and I hope I can continue it on to February. I’ve got a lot planned and I’m looking forward to sharing some of the posts I didn’t quite get finished this month.

How was your January?

Thanks for reading, hope you have a good start to the month! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for all the latest.

Leanne x

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