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A year on from buying a home – 10 things we’ve learned

Today marks a year since we completed on our home – I can’t believe it’s been a year already! While we didn’t move in until a couple of weeks later (seriously, completing so quickly took us by such surprise that we weren’t ready), it’s so strange to think we’ve been home owners for a year. To mark the occasion I thought I’d share 10 things we’ve learnt – with a little contribution from guest blogger… my boyfriend Stuart. If only Freds could talk and tell me what he’s learnt!

A year on from buying our home - 10 things we've learnt. Post from This Little Space of Mine

Before I delve into what we’ve learnt, I’ll just add a disclaimer that I wrote my five before finding out what Stu had learnt. I dropped him a text, thinking he’d take a while to respond, and got an immediate response with five brief, but hilarious (and very true) things. Nothing like keeping it short and sweet!

  1. Teamwork makes all the difference. It took us a while to find our groove and now we have, it’s pretty sweet.
  2. As organised as I am, there’s nothing like a change in environment to throw me into unorganised chaos. I wrote a bit about that here just after we moved.
  3. It takes so much longer to create a home than I ever could’ve imagined. A year on and we still haven’t framed prints to put on the wall and it took us eight months to get a dining table.
  4. I find myself saying things that make me feel like a grown up. Discussions about property development, shops opening in town and what it’ll mean to the value of our house (the Waitrose affect) and when roadworks that affect my journey are tip of the iceberg.
  5. Moving to a new town, in a new county, was 100% the right thing for us.
  1. How a mortgage works
  2. How a credit card works
  3. How to use a drill properly
  4. How to prune
  5. How to grout

He sums it up so well!

Go us – home owners for a year! If you’re in the process of buying, moving or thinking about it for the future, here’s a couple of links to posts I wrote that might be useful.

Thanks for reading!

Leanne x

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Getting started with Madeleine Shaw’s ‘Get the Glow’

Hello! I’m back today and sharing a little recipe inspiration I’m hoping to get started with soon, following on from trying out Anna Jones’ ‘A Modern Way to Eat’ book, which you can catch up on here. Madeleine Shaw’s ‘Get the Glow’ is my next cook book of choice and I’m setting myself a goal to try out five of her recipes in the next couple of months.

Getting started with Madeleine Shaw's 'Get the glow' recipe book. Post from This Little Space of Mine

I’d never heard of Madeleine Shaw or ‘Get the Glow’ until my sister was given her book for Christmas. Flicking through the recipe ideas I was quite taken by it; there’s a great feeling when you look over a book and think “yep, I’d cook that, and that, and that” etc.

The tagline of the book is “100 delicious and easy recipes that will nourish you from the inside out” and the theme of healthy living runs throughout. Oh no, another health conscious book, I hear you cry. But even if you’re bored of that side of things, you can stick to just the recipes and the meals that take your fancy. If healthy living is why you’re buying the book, Madeleine includes a six week programme. Those six weeks include themes to ditch the junk, beat the bloat and a whole lot more. I’m opting to skip that for now and just try the recipes I like the look of.

Similar to Anna Jones’ book, where do you begin when there’s lots you want to try? I again have decided to opt for 5 recipes from 5 individual sections and plan to share my review of each of them with you in June time. That way I can give you an accurate review, plus knowing I’ve talked about it on here will really encourage me to use the book before I give it back to my sister.

Getting started with Madeleine Shaw's 'Get the glow' recipe book. Post from This Little Space of Mine

Sections from Get the Glow I’m starting with:
  1. Breakfast
  2. Snacks
  3. Soups and light salads
  4. Speedy suppers
  5. Sweet treats
Recipes from Get the Glow I’ll be trying:
  1. Three-ingredient banana chia pudding
  2. Seedy energy bars
  3. Smoked salmon and fattoush salad with avocado mash
  4. Buckwheat, asparagus and pea risotto
  5. Banana and cinnamon loaf

I’m particularly excited to try to the risotto and those seedy energy bars, so I’ll be sure to report back.

Any recipes take your fancy? Or any good cook books you want to shout about? Do tell!

Leanne x

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Getting started with Anna Jones’ ‘A Modern Way to Eat’ – Part 2

Oh gosh, how has it been ten months since I published part one of getting started with this recipe book? Eeek, I guess that’s what moving house will do!

So let’s go back a step… I bought Anna Jones’ ‘A Modern Way to Eat’ and was so impressed with the recipe book and how many dishes I wanted to try. To make it fun and manageable, and to try different sections from the book, I thought I’d go for 5 recipes from 5 sections. The plan to then share a review of how I got on and the recipes I’d recommend. That was ten months ago, oops. Some of the following five I made and wrote about a while ago (and have made again since!) and others I’ve only made recently.

Here’s the recipes from A Modern Way to Eat that I wanted to try:

  1. Overnight bircher with a seasonal fruit (from What gets me up in the morning)
  2. California miso, avocado and butter bean salad (from Satisfying salads)
  3. Lime and chipotle black bean tacos (from Easy lunches and laid-back suppers)
  4. Mac and greens (from Hearty dinners and food to feed a crowd)
  5. Pistachio and elderflower cordial cake (from Cakes, bread and a few other things)

Getting started with Anna Jones' first book - A Modern Way to Eat. Post via This Little Space of Mine

Getting started with Anna Jones’ ‘A Modern Way to Eat’ – Part 2

And here’s my review…

1. Overnight bircher with strawberries

As far as easy breakfasts go, this is up there; it’s a case of adding together oats, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and a few more bits in a bowl, putting it in the fridge overnight and then adding in a fruit of your choice the following morning. As we’re now in spring I went for strawberries, but peaches are another option too. I was genuinely surprised at how delicious and filling this was, I loved it and have made it a few times since.

A modern way to eat by Anna Jones - overnight bircher recipe, the perfect breakfast. Full review of Anna Jone's first book over on This Little Space of Mine

2. California miso, avocado and butter bean salad

This was the first thing I made from A Modern Way to Eat and the sauce made was really yummy, plus I love avocados so that was a winner. We tried butter beans but decided we don’t love them and, as much as I try, I just don’t like broccoli. That being said this salad is great and a doddle to put together. I’d like to make this again and put some alternatives in (which Anna offers in the book throughout).

A modern way to eat - This Little Space of Mine

3. Lime and chipotle black bean tacos

This was one of those dishes that took me a while longer to cook than I thought it would, meaning the boyfriend was keen to tuck in and not willing to wait for me to take photos. Bah. I liked this, it was super tasty and we scoffed through it quickly. I want to make this again soon, it feels like a spring/summer dish and next time I think I’ll add more spice to give it a kick.

4. Mac and greens

I’ve made this maybe fives times now, so it’s safe to say I love this recipe. I love pasta anyway and this recipe adds in tomato, butternut square, basil, to name but a few ingredients. The other ingredient it includes is broccoli, which I mentioned I really dislike. But somehow, having it whizzed up and used as the crust when baked seems to work and I actually eat it and enjoy it! Who knew. Love this dish.

A modern way to eat - This Little Space of Mine

5. Pistachio and elderflower cordial cake

I was so excited to finally make this, but you know when a bake goes wrong from start to finish? That kind of happened for me. Actually, I shouldn’t exaggerate, what actually happened is that I didn’t have as many pistachios as the recipe called for. As a result this ended up a little sharp, but entirely my fault. It was tasty all the same and I really should make it again and do it justice! It doesn’t take long and I enjoyed cooking with polenta.

A modern way to eat by Anna Jones - Pistachio and Elderflower cake . Full review of Anna Jone's first book over on This Little Space of Mine

So that’s how I got on. Overall, I really like this recipe book and there a heaps more recipes that I want to try – it’s challenging me to try new foods and cook in different ways and I like that. I want to learn more and I want to eat better, so if you feel the same way Anna Jones’ book is right up your street.

There’s also now a second book – have you seen it? I won a copy of it in an Instagram competition and I’ve cooked a couple of things from it already with great success. I might do the same thing again, cooking five dishes from five sections, so watch this space.

Do you have any favourite recipe books? I’m keen on batch cooking at the moment so share your favourite recipes/cook books if you fancy.

Thanks for reading!

Leanne x

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Shelving and storage ideas for our under stairs cupboard

Over the Christmas holidays one of the things I was happy to tick off the list was painting our under stairs cupboard; a small task, but one we’d wanted to get done for ages and one that sets in motion everything else. Now it’s painted it means we can sort out the shelving and storage in that space, which then means we can clear those last remaining boxes that sit under our make-shift dining room table (Stu’s old desk). That, in turn, means we can then buy the dining room table we’ve got our eye on. So a lot of things ticked off the list!

Shelving and storage ideas for an under stairs cupboard makeover - This Little Space of Mine

Here’s a before and after that I shared on Instagram recently. We now lovingly refer to it as the custard box.

Shelving and storage ideas for an under stairs cupboard makeover - This Little Space of Mine

Our under stairs cupboard is a great space; I remember seeing it when we first viewed the house and thinking how much we could put in there. It’s quite a long and narrow space so, alongside the tumble dryer, we’re going to put in floor to ceiling shelving using IKEA’s IVAR modular system. While Stu maps out the shelving, I’m getting excited about making it all neat and tidy.

The space itself is going to be a kitchen over spill – for plates, glasses and other bits and pieces we don’t use often, a possible food pantry (should we need it), space for all our board games, a home for our hoover, ironing board etc. and all those other house bits and bobs you need from time to time.

Shelving and storage ideas for our under stairs cupboard

With that in mind I thought I’d share some of the images I’ve seen on Pinterest that have been inspiring this space for a while now, way before we even moved in. Stu even jokes at how excited I get whenever I see a wicker basket – something I know I’m not alone in being guilty of!

Shelving and storage ideas for an under stairs cupboard makeover - This Little Space of Mine

This first image comes from My Blessed Life and, while it’s more looking at bookshelves in a living/bedroom I 1) love the look of those baskets and how they’ve been labelled and 2) like how the books have been stacked – this could be applied to how we store all our board games.

Shelving and storage ideas for an under stairs cupboard makeover - This Little Space of Mine

While this is for a bedroom, how good do those baskets look together? The image is from Always Rooney and Courtney details on her blog how she’s made under her bed a useable space – very clever.

Shelving and storage ideas for an under stairs cupboard makeover - This Little Space of Mine

While the space above, from The Design Files, is intended for a living/dining room, we do need to think about how we’re going to store plates, glasses, vases etc. Having them all on display feels a little dangerous, but I’m not sure I want to box them up forever more.

If you fancy seeing more shelving and storage ideas, pop over to my Pinterest board. I’ll be using this board for organising our bathroom shelves too, once that arrives.

Follow Leanne’s board Shelving and storage on Pinterest.

Are you working on any house projects at the moment?

Leanne x

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Photo credit: My Blessed Life, Always Rooney and The Design Files

Creating a festive fireplace

When house hunting back at the beginning of this year one of the ‘things’ on my wishlist was a fireplace. Realistically I didn’t think it’d happen, but lo and behold we’ve ended up with a fireplace in our living room and I love it! I love our house anyway but having a fireplace has given us a focal point in the room – which we opted to paint yellow to keep the room bright.

Creating a festive fireplace with Wayfair - This Little Space of Mine

So as the night’s draw in and Christmas approaches, I’ve been wanting to bring the season into our home; of course there will be the classic Christmas tree, but creating a seasonal feature with our fireplace has been on my mind for a while. When got in touch about working together I was excited by the prospect of creating a festive fireplace.

Creating a festive fireplace with Wayfair - This Little Space of Mine

To bring light to the room I’ve started with a statement mirror; with small rooms in mind, especially, a mirror can make a room feel bigger and cleverly draw light in from all corners of the space. It was something we’d been on the hunt around for a while and have a great selection.

Next comes the mantelpiece and how you’ll style it to match the room, your colours, style and the time of year. This can take shape in the form of photographs, mementos, lights, candles and decorational pieces. With Christmas in mind, I added a pine tree, leafy garland and reef; all have associations with the festive period as well as the autumnal/winter weather we’ve been having.

Creating a festive fireplace with Wayfair - This Little Space of Mine

As well as a statement mirror and fireplace itself, light can come from candles and lanterns and this time of year is perfect for lighting a candle to create that cosy feel in your living room. I love candles and always light them as soon as I get in after work. This white lantern adds colour and means you can safely light a candle in your home!

Creating a festive fireplace with Wayfair - This Little Space of Mine

Keeping the mantelpiece minimal is a good idea so it doesn’t end up looking cluttered, but perhaps a few Christmas cards or small decorations can also be added.

Products used:

How are you styling your mantelpiece this Christmas?

Leanne x

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This post was written in collaboration with but all opinions are my own.

50 things I’ve learned from buying a house

50 things I've learned from buying a house - This Little Space of Mine

Today marks the 50th day since we moved into our first home together, so what better a way to mark the occasion then to share 50 things I’ve learned – an informal, light-hearted list that I’ve been putting together since we moved in.

50 things I’ve learned from buying a house
  1. All those hard-earned savings disappear in a flash.
  2. When the above happens, expect a call from the bank as they freak out at you moving money.
  3. Having a boyfriend who works shifts and therefore has mid-week days off to fill in paperwork and pop in to the solicitors is a god send.
  4. People are really kind. Family members, friends, new neighbours, it’s times like these that those important people really stand out.
  5. I somehow got away with having polka dot crockery in our kitchen!
  6. There is literally no point painting your nails, it’ll chip straight away when you’re moving boxes.
  7. You’ll unpack things and wonder why the heck you hadn’t binned it ages ago.
  8. There will be arguments.
  9. Seeing friends get excited that you’ll be 10 minutes down the road from them makes moving to a new town totally worthwhile.
  10. Trello will help you keep organised.
  11. A tape measure will become your new best friend.
  12. 23 days without the internet is a long time.
  13. The arrival of furniture inevitably means even more cardboard boxes to break down and get rid of.
  14. Having a printer/scanner is really helpful when you need to send copies of driving licences, bank statements etc. to the solicitors.
  15. You will cry. A lot.
  16. Everyone will have an opinion; on your bank, on your furniture, on the colours of the wall, on unpacking etc.
  17. Money weirdly becomes nothing; you end up spending so much and adding to the pile is so easy. I can see how people can get into major debt.
  18. Going on a date night together is a good idea.
  19. Having a tumble dryer is amazing!
  20. Giving Freds a fishy supper meant a nasty surprise in the litter tray the next day.
  21. It’s a healthy time – you’ll be walking lots of flights of stairs and moving around a lot.
  22. It’s an unhealthy time – there’s no time to cook properly, not to start with.
  23. Buy loo roll!
  24. That jug you bought from a vintage fair and didn’t know what to do with is great for displaying knitting needles.
  25. Ben and Jerry’s is always a good idea.
  26. Teamwork is so important.
  27. Unpacking just one box will make you feel a million times better.
  28. Perhaps making my hay fever suffering boyfriend cut the grass wasn’t the best idea in the world.
  29. Have scissors to hand!
  30. The actual buying of a house can run a lot more smoothly than people make you believe (or it did for us).
  31. It’s a lot of fun, even if you don’t see it straight away.
  32. You’ll find craft supplies you never knew you had.
  33. When deciding how to decorate, Pinterest can be a little overwhelming.
  34. The arrival of a sofa is what makes your house feel more like a home.
  35. Have snacks to hand on moving day. My sister bought a selection of picky bits to ensure no one got ‘hangry’.
  36. When you’re on the phone to IKEA about a missed delivery they play ABBA when you’re on hold. The horror.
  37. Having a yellow feature wall in our living room is the best.
  38. My Nan and Grandad are so amazing. They gave us a care package the day before we completed – full of goodies we’d need, like dustbin sacks and matches.
  39. From time to time you’ll feel like you’re drowning in paperwork.
  40. Packing means making a mess, so it’ll look like you haven’t made any progress.
  41. You might move into a house that spiders seem to love.
  42. It’ll take you a while to figure out how to get in the loft.
  43. Bring a meter key with you.
  44. Packing is a great excuse to take old clothes you never wear to the charity shop.
  45. Freds is even more amazing than I thought; he settled into his new home so well.
  46. It can literally be the best of times and the worst of times.
  47. A bunch of flowers in the living room brightens up a stressful day.
  48. You might say you’re not interested in having a dishwasher, but you’ll end up using it and loving it (especially when you have lots of people over!).
  49. Knowing you’re on Pinterest all day long looking up house ideas is the one sure-fired way to get your boyfriend to join it.
  50. It feels pretty good to finally own a home of our own, together.

So there you go! It certainly feels like we’ve learned a lot together in the past few months and we’re now in a place where we’re beginning to enjoy what we have. It’s so easy to get clouded in the day to day stresses, so now things are calming it all feels pretty darn great.

Thank you for having a read, I hope it made you smile as much as it did for me.

Leanne x
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A first look at our new home

I am so excited to share this post today, it feels like it’s been a long time coming and wow oh wow, we have a home and one we can decorate as we like, as we’d always imagined. Feels pretty good. You could say we’ve settled into our new home; it’s been almost six weeks and we’re finally feeling pretty good about things. So today I wanted to share with you a first look at our new home.

It’s just a couple of pictures of our living room, but it gives you an idea of the vibe we’re going for – plus a Freds the cat fix!

First up is my favourite piece in our living room, my armchair. This was my one extravagant purchase and can be found at (you may remember me talking about it in my home wishlist a couple of months back). I love this armchair; it’s bigger than I thought it’d be but it fits in the space so well and, teamed up with the wicker basket underneath, is a great little craft spot. I’m sure come the winter time I’m going to be cuddled up under a blanket on this chair, with Freds trying to find a little spot to sleep too.

A first look at our new home - This Little Space of Mine

Oh and bonus points if you can name the two characters featured on the cushion!

Next up is our Cable and Cotton lights, which we love love love! I found it hard to get a photo that does them justice, but these match the colours we want in our living room so well. Cable and Cotton offer sets, or you can pick the colours you’d like (which we did); the colours are Ivory, Bright Yellow, Anais Green and Sapphire Blue.

A first look at our new home - This Little Space of Mine

And of course, no post would be complete without the appearance of Freds. He has been amazing; settled so well and he absolutely loves our new sofas. Spot the sky blanket too – so happy that’s in our living room on display.

A first look at our new home - This Little Space of Mine

Short but sweet, but I’m so happy to be able to share these with you. We’re still working on the other rooms but hopefully I can share more soon. Don’t forget you can find snapshots of my day to day over on Instagram.

Leanne x
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10 things to do to make your new home feel like home

10 things to do to make your new home feel like home - This Little Space of Mine

We’re now a week and a half into living in our new home – and I think I love it more and more with every day. There’s still a lot to be done, but it’s starting to feel like home. Having Freds arrive at the weekend, as well as furniture arriving yesterday, has really made a difference.

While we continue to settle I thought I’d share with you 10 things that have helped me make the house feel more like my home. If you have any tips or things that helped you too, share in the comments below (I need all the help I can get!).

10 things to do to make your new home feel like home
  1. Make your bed. The house is messy enough; a made bed is a step closer to tidiness.
  2. Even better, have new bedding for your first night. Treat yourself to nice bedding. Doing this meant I couldn’t wait to snuggle up under fresh sheets.
  3. If you have a pet, move him/her in as soon as you can. I had a week without Freds the cat and missed him every day. I’ve always had pets and the house ‘lifted’ once Freds arrived.
  4. Cook a meal and/or bake a cake. Stu cooked our first meal and it felt so good to eat a proper meal (oops on the takeaways!) in our home. I then baked a birthday cake at the weekend and the house smelt amazing for it!
  5. Do your washing. It’s got to be done; the sooner you do it, the sooner you’ll have both clean clothes and know how the washing machine works!
  6. Run errands in the local area. I had to pick up a delivery from the local sorting office, so looked it up, plugged in my sat nav and off I went. And now I know where it is! Small victory! Obviously only applies if you’re moving to a new area.
  7. Say hello to the neighbours. They may or may not be friendly, but it’s polite to make the effort. Ours seem nice enough so far!
  8. Sit in the garden (if you have one), enjoy outside. Even if for 10 minutes, it was nice to sit in the sunshine in my garden in my home.
  9. Buy a nice doormat. Sounds very silly, but I needed one and when I walk to the front door it makes me smile to see our colourful new doormat.
  10. Change your address. OK, it might just be for bills but receiving post to your new address kind of helps.

Oh and one more thing – write about it! Seriously, writing this post has been helpful and I’ve had lots of support and kind words over on Instagram too.

I’ve been noting these things down as we’ve gone and I hope they help you now or one day. Moving house is stressful, fun, emotional and every other feeling in between, so take it one step at a time and look after yourself!

Thanks for reading.


Photo credit: DTTSP

The emotional upheaval of moving house

Today I wanted to share something personal and unplanned with you. I’m sure it’s something I’ll look back on and laugh/cringe, but I feel it important to share in order to a) put pen to paper and help me feel better and b) hopefully help someone else – if I’ve experienced it, hopefully I’m not alone.

On Saturday we moved house. Everything went really well and there were no bumps in the road. However, Sunday came and I was an emotional wreck. I’m quite an emotional person anyway; I wear my heart on my sleeve and apply emotions to most situations (even if totally irrational). But Sunday was unexpected. I’d been a bit upset saying goodbye to my family on Saturday evening, but when I woke up on Sunday I felt… homesick. Probably not homesick, but it’s the only feeling I can accurately compare it to.

I sobbed and sobbed and found it hard to calm down and feel positive. Everything felt very difficult – finding clothes that weren’t in their usual place (pretty normal when you move house), working the shower (again, normal) and even finding a loaf of bread in a Sainsbury’s I was unfamiliar with put me on edge and close to tears/in tears. Then when Stu told me our sofa’s wouldn’t arrive for another month I found myself choking up. Don’t even get me started on Matisse the dog’s performance on Britain’s Got Talent!

Granted it didn’t help that I was missing my sister and that Freds isn’t with us just yet, coupled with the fact I hadn’t slept well and still had the remnants of a cold.

Seeing my Mum and step Dad helped, especially as they arrived with our tumble dryer and got our TV set up for us, but when faced with knowing the desk I wanted wouldn’t fit I couldn’t quite rationally make a decision on what to do next when they offered their help. Simple things that could easily be resolved, yet I just wanted to sit in a dark room on my own and cry. I essentially felt like I could get on with things, but it was a struggle and I could burst at any point.

How am I feeling now? I woke up on Monday feeling 100 times better and had a much more positive day. However, by the evening I felt a little teary (it hasn’t helped Stu’s on night shifts) so I popped out to the shops and then emptied a couple of boxes. I’m pretty sure it’s just a result of having a ‘disturbed nest’, as my Mum would say. I’m a real homebody and I like my routine. Going back to work yesterday felt good, normal and familiar. With all that in mind, this week I’m going to take it day by day, focus on eating well, getting lots of rest and making our new home, home.

Like I said, I’ll look back on this and laugh and cringe, but it happened and I think it’s important to share. Have you or anyone you know experienced this? Moving house is a big deal and I really think the emotional upheaval can’t be underestimated.

Big hugs to anyone going through a similar thing at the moment.

Emotional upheaval of moving house - This Little Space of Mine


Photo credit: DTTSP

Getting started with Anna Jones’ ‘A Modern Way to Eat’

Having recently won a £15 Amazon voucher from work I thought I’d put it to good use and buy myself a healthy cook book. I deliberated for a while but, after seeing Katie’s post on A Modern Way to Eat, decided that was definitely the book for me.

A modern way to eat - This Little Space of Mine

A Modern Way to Eat is a vegetarian cookbook. But don’t let that put you off. A couple of years ago I would’ve said no way to a book like that; I don’t like vegetables enough to ever consider being a vegetarian. And I’m not. But I want to learn more about the food I eat, about how to cook healthy meals and how to get more variety in my diet. This book feels like the start for me and I’ve flicked through Anna’s book several times, laping up the information and insight she gives into foods, their benefits, when they come into season etc. For example, did you know black beans are packed with a rare combination of protein and fibre, meaning there is as much protein in a cup of black beans as there is 100g of chicken? I didn’t.

A modern way to eat - This Little Space of Mine

One thing Katie talked about was how she marks the recipes she wants to make with post-it notes, whenever she gets a new cook book. Why have I never done that before?! I reckon it creates a bit more ‘buy in’ with a cook book; I’ve lost count of how many recipe books I have which I’ve never cooked from. Once I’d marked them all I realised just how good A Modern Way to Eat was for me – look at how many there are!

A modern way to eat - This Little Space of Mine

So where do you begin when there’s THAT much you want to try? I decided to opt for 5 recipes from 5 individual sections; I plan to share my review of each of them with you at some point too. That way I can give you an accurate review, plus knowing I’ve talked about it on here will really encourage me to use the book and learn more about the food I’m eating.

Sections from A Modern Way to Eat I’m starting with:
  1. What gets me up in the morning
  2. Satisfying salads
  3. Easy lunches and laid-back suppers
  4. Hearty dinners and food to feed a crowd
  5. Cakes, bread and a few other things
Recipes from A Modern Way to Eat that I’ll be trying:
  1. Overnight bircher with peaches
  2. California miso, avocado and butter bean salad
  3. Lime and chipotle black bean tacos
  4. Mac and greens
  5. Pistachio and elderflower cordial cake

I’ve already cooked two of these recipes – number 2 and 3. I’ll be sharing more on them soon, but for now here’s a picture of the California miso, avocado and butter bean salad I made while a bit jet lagged a couple of weeks ago! With the house move in full-flow I’d imagine it’ll be a while before I’ve made all 5, but I’ll keep you posted.

A modern way to eat - This Little Space of Mine

Note that I’ve marked this post in the ‘Learning’ category on my blog; learning about food and how better to take care of my body is something I’m determined to get better at. I’ll be sure to share my journey with you here.

Any recipes take your fancy? Or any good cook books you want to shout about? Do tell!


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