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How to take photos of a blanket – help!

So I’ve been dreading this for the last month or so… how am I going to photograph my sky blanket?

I’m down to the last few squares this week and the idea of now taking photos to show it off and share with everyone is petrifying me. The perfectionist in me wants them to be the best photographs in the world; heck, I’ve worked on this blanket for 14 months, they’ve got to be good!

Naturally, I’ve leaned towards my trusty favourite, Pinterest, for ideas and here a few I like the look of (and think I may be able to re-create!).

Source (clockwise): 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

And two more:

Source (clockwise): 1 | 2

Sorry, couldn’t resist the kitty photo – I reckon Freds would go for it if I get him in the right mood! A mixed bag of ideas but it gives me some good options.

What do you think? Any images that stand out to you?

Tips on how to take photos of a blanket (from what I can tell):
  • Natural light is a necessity. But that’s true of all photography I guess!
  • Get outside and shoot from a washing line, bench, chair etc.
  • Tidy up! The most obvious place to shoot a blanket is on a bed or sofa – so time to make the bed, fluff up the cushions etc.
  • A wicker basket is a great way of snapping items – especially crafting items/projects.
  • Hire a professional. Perhaps the cheats way out and budget means it’s not going to happen for me.
The problems I think I’m going to face:
  • The blanket is so big – like king size duvet size!
  • The weather can be so unpredictable so I don’t know if I can entertain the idea of getting outside.
  • Capturing all the colours and textures could be difficult. Moss stitch is a beautiful stitch that I want to show off.
  • I’m lacking ‘pretty’ furniture. We have a bit of a mis-match vibe going on which may make this harder.
  • I want them to be the very best photos ever. Which means I won’t be happy.

Any tips? Have you seen any good photos on your travels that might help me? I’ve set up a Pinterest board where I’m sure I’ll be furiously pinning any inspiration I can get my hands on.

Follow Leanne Beale’s board Photography – blankets on Pinterest.

Can’t believe my sky blanket is almost finished! Stay tuned for ‘the story of’ and lots of photos soon.


Playing with colour – yellow

Reading Bright Bazaar and Capture by Lucy I’ve been thinking a lot more about colour recently, daydreaming if you will. Trying to stop for a second every now and then to look at what’s around me. It’s quite relaxing on those busy, stressful days we all encounter from time to time.

So while daydreaming I thought it would be fun to pull together my thoughts; looking around my room on Saturday morning in bed I spotted this bright yellow book on my bookshelf and thought, yep, that’s where I’m starting.

The idea from there was to simply walk around the house and gather a few bits and pieces that were yellow and take a photograph of them together. Why? Why not? Note: If you share a house with others, be sure to note where you found each item!

Playing with colour - yellow - This Little Space of Mine

As you can see, all kind of household items. I purchased nothing to go with it, I didn’t set myself any number of items I had to put together, I simply went with what I found. Took me only a few minutes too. And I really enjoyed it.

A simple but fun thing to do that made me think creatively. And I didn’t over think it. In fact, I’m writing this post straight after talking the photo – so it’s all fresh and ‘raw’, if you like.

If you fancy playing around with colour, have a look around, pick a colour and group some items – even if you’re not a blogger, share them online, share a photo with a friend. Look around and see what colours take your fancy. Lucy also runs a weekly #capturingcolour theme on Instagram, which I’m going to try and get involved in soon. This week’s colour is pink.


Styling the seasons – January

What does January mean to you? Any colours, ideas or memories that come to mind? Styling the Seasons covers exactly that; created by Katy and Charlotte with the aim to reflect more on the change of seasons and showcase them in our homes, it’s a fab concept.

This month I’m sharing my second styling post; if I think about January it’s about that fresh, relaxed and clean feeling – a new year, a new start. Within a few months (if I’m lucky!) it’ll all have gone out of the window but, actually, I think January can be a really positive month – if we put our mind to it.

Styling the seasons - January

Styling our bathroom shelf I included these H&M Home tealight holders (see similar ones here), to bring warmth to the room – good when a relaxing bath is needed after a stressful day.

Styling the seasons - January

I love the blue and white of the Liberty beanie; the colours feel fresh and I like their contrast against the copper tealight holders. That freshness of the blue and white reminds me of those frosty, cold mornings we sometimes see at this time of year.

Styling the seasons - January

Gypsophilas are one of my favourite flowers, I love their dainty buds, snowflake look and they’re easily accessible when I’m doing a food shop and want to pick up a quick bunch of flowers. I wouldn’t normally, but I quite like them in the clear milk bottle.

Styling the seasons - January

What do you think of my display? I’ve only worked with a small space, but I hope it shows you how a room can be transformed really easily with just a few items. I’m pretty pleased with how this looks and it all came together.

Styling the seasons - January

So, what does January mean or look like to you? If you’d like to take part in Styling the Seasons upload an image and tag Katy and Charlotte on social media using the hashtag #StylingTheSeasons.


Learning about photography

Photography has always been one of those arts I’ve wanted to learn. I’ve kept on the outside, admiring well composed photographs, photographers and their profession and thought one day. So recently I plucked up the courage to talk to a friend about how I wanted to learn and he very kindly lent me his D3100, while I save to buy a DSLR camera of my own. It’s a pretty big investment so this way it gives me an opportunity to play around and see how I get on. I’ve been very fortunate to have been lent one, as well as a few books.

While I continue to learn this new skill I wanted to share with you some further reading and tips and 5 of the photos I’ve taken so far, that I would consider my favourites. I would imagine I’ll improve in time and look back on these in horror, but I want to document my progress and share my journey with you.

If you’re also learning more about photography make yourself known – I’d love to hear how people are tackling this art form.

Further tips and photography reading
  • Join in on Emma’s blog chat on Twitter, every Thursday evening from 9-10pm.
  • Set up some Pinterest boards of photographs you like, for example scenary, products, styling – anything at all that inspires you. Here’s my Pinterest page for you to browse.
  • Ready to buy a camera? This comparison website will definitely come in handy.
  • If you own a camera but need a little help, I’ve been told Emily Quinton at Make Light holds insightful photograhy classes.

Without further ado, here are my attempts so far. What do you think?

Learning photography - This Little Space of Mine

I was told that getting animal photos can be tricky, so I was super pleased with this fluke shot of Freds as he walked towards me.

Learning photography - This Little Space of Mine

With my camera phone I’ve always found it tricky to give a feel for the texture of my sky blanket, so I was happy I’ve started learning how to capture that.

Learning photography - This Little Space of Mine

My first go at food photography and while improvements could always be made, I was pleased with this photo of banana loaf.

Learning photography - This Little Space of Mine

Why do I like this photo? It had just started to rain and I love the raindrops I captured.

Learning photography - This Little Space of Mine

When we made plans to go to the zoo last month I was sure I’d be able to get lots of good photos, but unfortunately not (the animals are just too far away!). Having said that, I love giraffes and I love the contrast of him against the sand in this photo.

What do you think? Any advice or tips would be greatly received!


Styling the seasons – November

What does November mean to you? Any colours, ideas or memories that come to mind? Styling the Seasons covers exactly that; created by Katy and Charlotte (two ladies I’m always hugely inspired by) with the aim to reflect more on the change of seasons and showcase them in our homes, it’s a fab concept.

I have very limited space in my home, so the most obvious surface for me to change was this pinboard. It’s been hanging in my room for ages; covered in photos, cinema tickets, random letters from friends etc. I decided to give it a bit of a tidy up for November. I wanted to start Styling the Seasons with something personal and every item chosen evokes a memory or feeling for me.

Styling the Seasons - November - This Little Space of Mine

You may have spied on my Pinterest page that I love foxes; they’re beautiful animals that often get negative press. I also think their colours match the autumnal vibes of this month so it was the perfect excuse to include a couple of fox items. The colour of the pom poms were chosen to match for this reason, and I love the warmth of this time of year.

November for me holds a lot of special memories; a couple of life changing moments have happened in this month over the years, so this is really where the styling began. It’s the month Stuart and I met, so I’ve added in cinema tickets from our second date as well as a couple of photobooth photos that make me smile. The photo of me with my Mum and Dad is there to remind me that no matter what happens, we always have a lot of love, support and friendship for each other.

Styling the Seasons - November - This Little Space of Mine

Finally, the ‘Life’s an adventure’ postcard represents an ongoing work change, where I’m travelling a lot more. It’s pretty tiring but a good step forward in my career so worth remembering that adventure is positive. We’re also going to Edinburgh at the end of the month – so excited!

Styling the Seasons - November - This Little Space of Mine

So, what does November mean to you? If you’d like to take part in Styling the Seasons upload an image and tag Katy and Charlotte on social media using the hashtag #StylingTheSeasons.