What Christmas means to me – Michelle from MyCreative

Today’s ‘What Christmas means to me’ chat comes from Michelle at MyCreative. Michelle is a very talented photographer and I often find inspiration and photography tips over on her blog. Michelle’s festive chat includes getting creative with presents, Christmas in South Africa and her typical Christmas dinner…

Thank you Michelle! If you’d like to have a read on other Christmas memories you can read mine here and Katie’s here.

What’s your favourite Christmas tradition?

We don’t really have one (shocker). I just like the whole feel of Christmas and spending time with family. Tim and I have pondered having a tradition of buying a Christmas jumper each year but that might get a bit out of hand. I mean how many Christmas jumpers do you need?

Do you have any special memories of Christmas as a child that have stayed with you into adulthood?

I think just spending time with family. My uncles playing music on their guitars (they now have a band in their 50s!). Food coma. All those sort of things.

What Christmas means to me - This Little Space of Mine

Do you plan to make gifts for loved ones at Christmas? Or, how do you go about buying gifts?

We often set a budget of £10 to buy gifts. It means that you have to get a bit creative and often end up making something. I am not sure if we are going to stick to that again this year though. I am a bit behind on Christmas planning.

What is Christmas 2014 looking like for you? Any exciting plans?

This year we are heading back to South Africa as we haven’t spent Christmas with my (now) husband’s family since we have been together (over 10 years). We’ll also be celebrating with my family and friends around the time as well as being a bit touristy in our home town. So a very busy holiday season for us.

What Christmas means to me - This Little Space of Mine

What’s a typical Christmas dinner setting like for you? Do you go all out traditional with turkey and Christmas pud, or add in your own family favourites?

We are both vegetarian so there is normally a nut roast and all the roasted veg trimmings. My mom makes a bread and butter pudding with panettone which is always a favourite. I’m planning on taking a panettone or two in the bag to South Africa so we will still be able to make one this year.

What Christmas means to me - This Little Space of Mine

And finally, what’s your all-time favourite Christmas movie?

Love Actually? That counts as a Christmas movie right? We didn’t generally watch movies around this time as kids (because it was summer in South Africa), but that’s been watched regularly since it came out.

Thanks Michelle! Do pop over to Michelle’s blog for how she captures her creative life.

Join me next Wednesday as I share with you some more blogger Christmas stories. Don’t forget to share your festive memories and traditions below.


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