Colours to inspire: blue

For this month’s colours to inspire post I’ve opted for a blue theme, sharing a few images/makes I’ve spied on Instagram recently. To catch up on other colours to inspire posts I’ve popped the links below for you.


Why blue? Well, it’s kind of an ode to my friend, who is expecting a baby boy this month – this week in fact – eek. I wrote a little about colour schemes for babies here and shared the baby blanket I made for him here. Blue isn’t actually a colour I often work with, but I think it’s a great all-year round kind of colour and finding these colour combos was a breeze.

Even though these are all pictures from homemade makes I hope these can inspire you in other ways too (should you not be a crafter). Perhaps you’re looking to decorate your house this year, or thinking about buying some new furniture, or looking for a new wardrobe, I’d hope there’s something for everyone here.

Found on Instagram - colours that inspire - blues. This Little Space of Mine

Photo from Liz at littlecolleydesign. This is just beautiful. No other words. I love it because 1) it matches the theme of this post and 2) because I really want to make a quilt, yet for some reason I haven’t done it yet! There’s an array of colours here, some are fairly dark, but the bright turquoise ties it all together in the best kind of way. Plus that backing pattern and deep blue/white combo looks so good. Liz has made a vast array of quilts so definitely worth checking out her Etsy shop.

Found on Instagram - colours that inspire - blues. This Little Space of Mine

Photo from Julie at littlewoollie. For something very different to Liz’s make, how about this clash-tastic bright crochet blanket? The red/blue/green/pink combination should clash, but there’s something about this that works. While I love the turquoise hearts, I was really drawn to the lime green heart and dark green backing too. On the blue side of things, there are two shades here – turquoise and a navy blue and I like how they’re paired with other shades throughout the pattern.

Found on Instagram - colours that inspire - blues. This Little Space of Mine

Photo from Ana at ana.moraissoares. The neatness of these granny squares, oh my! I mentioned in last month’s post how I like when colours are balanced out with a neutral colour and I like the use of two neutral colours here – a cream and an almost sage/olive colour. There are also two bright shades of blue that are repeated throughout. Ana has made some beautiful crochet projects so worth checking out her Instagram feed.

Found on Instagram - colours that inspire - blues. This Little Space of Mine

Photo from Sandra at sandracherryhrt. Last but by means least, I’m a big fan of Sandra’s work and I like that this idea is different from the others; blues are there but it’s not the strongest shade. I like how there are a couple of shades of blue and how they’ve been combined with pinks and oranges – so there’s quite a long of warmth. Plus there’s a thick band of cream granny’s to help neutralise this project.

Which is your favourite? Any that specifically stand out? I think my favourite this month is Liz at littlecolleydesign‘s quilt. Gorgeous shades all round.

If you’re on Instagram be sure to pop over to my page and say hello! As always, I’m on the lookout for more combinations, so shout if you see anything on your travels.

Thanks for reading!

Leanne x

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Photo credit: littlecolleydesign, littlewoollie, ana.moraissoares and sandracherryhrt.

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