Creating a home ideas scrapbook

Knowing I might buy a house next year is hugely exciting. Before I get there I regularly daydream about what my future home might look like; magazines, books, blogs, brochures etc. are full of fab ideas and I regularly say to myself “oooh, I like the look of that”. So I’m starting my own home ideas scrapbook.

Home ideas scrapbook - This Little Space of Mine

I was given a scrapbook for my birthday earlier in the year and starting to stick images in has reminded me of when I was 10 years old and stuck any news clippings about the Spice Girls into a scrapbook. Like any. I loved them, obsessed you might say. Did anyone else used to do this as a kid?

Regardless of what you might scrapbook about, I’m really enjoying using my various washi tapes with images I’ve been cutting out. I’m not being overly neat, but washi tape is oh so forgiving. It’s like a real life Pinterest and it’s my way of documenting ideas I see on my travels. It doesn’t matter if they never come into existence.

I contemplated having themed pages and structured sections but you know what? As an adult there is just too much structure in life, so I ditched that idea in favour of adding in pictures as and where I want to.

Home ideas scrapbook - This Little Space of Mine

Home ideas scrapbook - This Little Space of Mine

If you’d like to create your own home ideas scrapbook here’s a little list of things to get you started.

Things you’ll need to start a scrapbook
  • A scrapbook – Paperchase have a good, varied selection of sizes.
  • Washi tape – as much as you can get hold of! Fox and Star have a fantastic selection.
  • Magazines, brochures, print outs, catalogues etc.
  • A selection of coloured pens.
  • Scissors.

Home ideas scrapbook - This Little Space of Mine

…of course you can really go to town with scrapbooking; in fact the industry is huge. However, I’ve opted to keep it simple on this occasion.

What do you think? Fancy giving it a go yourself?

Home ideas scrapbook - let's get crafty - This Little Space of Mine


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