Found on Instagram: Colours to inspire

Hello! How’s it all going? I’ve been pondering this post idea for a while and, based on the success of my colour posts last year and the fact it’s a new year and a fresh start, I thought I’d give this new post theme a whirl and see how it goes. Plus it gives me a chance to collate and share all those pictures I’m often ‘liking’ on Instagram and doing nothing with.

Found on Instagram: colours to inspire. From This Little Space of Mine

This month I’ve opted for a winter theme of colours I’ve found. Below you’ll find details of the Instagrammer who posted the picture, alongside notes and ideas on the colours and how they inspire.

Before I get started, even though these are all pictures from homemade makes I hope these can inspire you in other ways too (should you not be a crafter). Perhaps you’re looking to decorate your house this year, or thinking about buying some new furniture, or looking for a new wardrobe, I’d hope there’s something for everyone here.

Found on Instagram - colours that inspire. Brights for a cosy feel - pink, purple, grey, cream. This Little Space of Mine

Photo from Valerie at twoplums. I love working with bright and colouring combinations and this for me caught my eye immediately – not only because of the crochet stitches used (it’s Spice of Life), but the colours jumped at me. Having worked with purple recently my feeling towards the shade have warmed and I like here how it’s combined with greys, cream, pink and even a couple of green/blue shades. There’s a definite warmth to these colours and I’m sure this is lovely to snuggle under during these colder months. Have a look at Valerie’s Instagram feed, she’s made some great crochet pieces.

Found on Instagram - colours that inspire. Pale pink, purple with a sheep motif. This Little Space of Mine

Photo from handmadebysmine. OK, I admit, I was drawn in by the sheep, but there’s a real wintery feel to these colours, something cold and frosty in the colours, alongside the warmth of pink. I’m always drawn to pinks and can’t resist an animal motif. I wish I could put into words the warmth and happiness I feel from this make and how the colours have bought it to life.

Found on Instagram - colours that inspire. Fair isle reds, pinks and green. This Little Space of Mine

Photo from emilyquinton, bag beautifully knitted by sarahhazell6. I’ve actually touched this make, having met Sarah and Emily at a Makelight workshop last September. Fair isle fascinates me and the colours Sarah have chosen feel autumnal and festive, all rolled into one. Red really isn’t my colour, but there’s something about it’s combination with pink, green, gold and cream that has drawn me to it and made me think about working with red in the future. Sarah’s designs can be found on her website.

Found on Instagram - colours that inspire. Wintery greys, whites and cream. This Little Space of Mine

Photo from flzvarol. I’m not sure it’s possible to get more of a winter feel than in these colours. There’s the grey of the sky, the white of snow (we can hope for snow!) and the cream/stone shades feel like the warmth in seasonal clothes and the colour of the remaining leaves on branches. A really pretty combination of colours, to my mind.

I had no idea until I put these pictures together that actually all four are from different locations – the US, New Zealand, here in England and Istanbul. I quite like the fact that the inspiration I’ve picked for today’s post has come from all over the world. Just goes to show inspiration can come from anywhere!

Which is your favourite? Any that specifically stand out? I’m on the lookout for more combinations, so shout if you see anything on your travels and I might pop it in a later post.

Thanks for reading!

Leanne x

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Photo credit: twoplums, handmadebysmine, emilyquinton and flzvarol

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