Happy 5th birthday Freds!

My darling Freds is 5 years old today. Look at his little face…

Freds 5th birthday

I love Freds, obviously. He’s my baby, can do pretty much nothing wrong and I’d defend him to the ends of the earth. He’s a rather needy baby and the cheeky scamp likes to help himself to food from time to time, plus the vet would like him to lose weight but he gets so miserable when he’s hungry. He hates the winter; never going out means he’s carrying a little bit of winter weight.

Freds 5th birthday

5 years with Freds has been so much fun and I really couldn’t imagine what the house would be like without him. He loves visitors and will cuddle anyone. His skanky mouse cuddly toy is his favourite item and I recently discovered how much he likes peas. Weird.

Freds 5th birthday

He won’t read this post and he definitely doesn’t know it’s his birthday, but I do and what better a reason to share some photos of him? These were taken in November last year when I was trying to photograph my sky blanket. Surprise surprise, he wanted to get involved.

Finally a couple of outtakes for you because, let’s face it, I have hundreds of photos like this – as I’m sure all pet owners can appreciate!

Freds 5th birthday

Beautiful Freds, work that camera.

Freds 5th birthday

Crazy cat lady? Ohhhh yes.


6 Comments on Happy 5th birthday Freds!

  1. Mummykins
    12/02/2015 at 9:44 am (3 years ago)

    Happy birthday Freds x

    • Leanne Beale
      12/02/2015 at 12:00 pm (3 years ago)

      Freds says thank you. 😉 x

  2. Gwen
    13/02/2015 at 11:34 am (3 years ago)

    What a sweetie!

    • Leanne Beale
      13/02/2015 at 12:22 pm (3 years ago)

      Thanks Gwen – I think so. 🙂

  3. Ky
    13/02/2015 at 5:16 pm (3 years ago)

    5 years?! I can’t believe you have had Freds for 5 years, he’s so cute. I miss having a cat.

    • Leanne Beale
      13/02/2015 at 6:48 pm (3 years ago)

      I know, kind of crazy! He’s so much fun, couldn’t imagine not having a cat. You’re always welcome over for cuddles. 🙂 x