Let’s go shopping – New home wishlist

I’ve been dreaming about owning my own home for a very long time and, now it’s here, it’s a little strange. There are so many things I have my eye on and ideas I have for our home, yet I almost don’t know where to start! We’ve prioritised the crucial bits and then will slowly, over time, fill in the gaps.

Finances are going to change a little, of course, so for now I thought I’d share some of the items on my new home wishlist…

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The yellow armchair is top of my list, but of course is the most expensive! But we’re likely going to go for a yellow/grey/one extra colour that we haven’t quite decided on yet theme in our living room so it’d be perfect. Plus the Habitat throw fits perfectly and having seen it in the shops, has a hint of lime green in it that I love.

We also haven’t decided the Cable & Cotton colours we want, but I’d imagine we’ll be buying more than one set for our home.

I’ll confess and say we’ve already purchased the crockery – I’ve had my eye on this polka dot set for a long time and I’m so pleased that it’s now in our new home.

Right, enough of my daydreaming, I’m off to pack some more boxes…


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