Life as a crafter: my current works in progress – September 2016

One of my favourite posts to write! Today I’m back and sharing a look at what I’m making at the moment. The summer months have been a quieter time for making, but I’m now ready for the colder months and cuddling up on the sofa, watching Gilmore Girls (of course) and working on a few projects that I’d like to have finished before the end of the year. Wow, just where has the time gone?

Throughout the year I’ve kept a spreadsheet of notes that I update on a regular basis to see where I am with what I’d like to make. There’s been something about honestly writing out all those projects I have stashed away in my room, that’s made me actually get stuff done. And that’s a great feeling!

Life as a crafter - my current works in progress - This Little Space of Mine

Over the summer it was a pretty busy time launching Fred and Bell and designing new stickers to go alongside it, so I haven’t really completed anything. That being said, there are a whole lot of projects underway that I’ve been picking up in quieter moments. I’ve broken down what’s underway/in progress and what’s on my radar.

  • The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery ‘Let’s go on an adventure’ stitch-along. Over the summer I stitched Egypt and India and I’m now almost finished with Japan. Each month we’re giving a section of the full pattern and a new country; with only three left I’m placing bets on where it might take us. I’m also wondering what next year’s stitch along theme might be. I also wrote a little about the first 6 months in, if you fancy a look.
  • San Francisco tapestry cushion. I kind of fell out of love with this for a while; it’s a lengthy project and not making progress, plus struggling with getting the hang of the pattern, meant it got put down for a while. With a fresh pair of eyes I love it now and feel like I’ve finally got to grips with it. The roads are coming together nicely and I can’t wait to add in the colours. You can see the kit I bought here.
  • Secret Christmas project. I’m going to do that annoying thing and tell you I’m making something, but not tell you what it is. It’s a gooden and I’ll share it once it’s been given as a Christmas gift (can’t believe I’m on Christmas gifts already!).
  • 100 days of crochet blanket. Inspired by #the100dayproject on Instagram I’ve decided it’s the perfect way to crochet another scrap granny square blanket before the end of the year. Crocheting a square a day, by the 3rd December (excluding the blanket) I’ll have a blanket ready to give to a local kitty charity – plus I’m stash busting. I’m posting regular pictures over on my Instagram feed if you fancy a look.
  • Sew La Di Da dress. I started this around May 2014 and haven’t finished it. To make matters worse there’s not much more to do. I will get this Sew La Di Da make finished one day.
On my radar
  • Socks! My Mum bought me everything I need to start, for my birthday, so there’s no excuse not to learn how to make them for myself.
  • Patchwork quilt. My friend has asked me to make one using her baby daughter’s baby grows, so this year my Mum and I are going to tackle it as a joint project together.
  • Tilly and the Button’s Françoise dress. I completely forgot about this; my friend bought me this shift dress pattern for Christmas. I love the style of the dress, so perfect for me.
  • Weekender blanket with Stylecraft’s newest colours. I’ve wanted to make Cherry Heart’s blanket for a while and the newest colours from Stylecraft would be a great colour combination for it – plus when it was limited edition I bought two packs and have now idea what to do with them! Not sure I like how they’re joined in her pattern, so may look for something a bit different.

If you fancy seeing my previous month’s WIPs and progress, I’ve created a page collating all previous projects.

What’s on your list? Have you worked on anything good over the summer?

Leanne x

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