Stash busting – 100 days of crochet challenge

I’m a sucker for punishment; I regularly make myself too busy and then stress out because I have too much to do and want to lay on the sofa watching Gilmore Girls but feel guilty for stopping. So what did I do when I returned from our holiday in Greece in August? I started a new one-a-day project… to keep me super busy!

I’ve called it #100daysofleannescrochet over on Instagram and the idea is quite simply to crochet a granny square a day and join it to a blanket. I made a similar blanket for Freds earlier in the year and this one will be going to a local cat charity. I’ve got far too much wool and stash busting for animal charities feels like a good use of my limited time.

I’m recording the whole thing on Instagram using #100daysofleannescrochet so pop over to see how it’s grown. I haven’t taken on a daily craft project like this since the sky blanket and there have been a mixed bag of days; one where I get it done as soon as I wake up, and others when I’m doing it in bed literally falling asleep as I crochet. This week marks the half way point and I love knowing that by Christmas (providing I get the border done) I’ll have made another blanket.

So if you’re looking for stash busting ideas, this is a pretty good one and by doing it daily makes it really manageable. I’ve also written a previous post on stash busting ideas, should you be on the lookout for project ideas!

Are you working on any interesting craft projects at the moment? I’ve had to restart a Christmas present, which I would be annoyed about, but I’d rather get it right and give a gift I know will be the best it can.

Thanks for reading!

Leanne x

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