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A month in the life: November 2016

Hey, how are you? I can’t quite believe it’s December tomorrow, not sure where this month or this year has gone! So with that in mind, I’m back today with a look back over the last month and what I’ve been up to.

Ah November, right at the end of the month did I catch that festive feeling. Just a little bit, but certainly our weekend away and talking about Christmas did the trick. I think we may even put our tree up this weekend. November was the month we celebrated our 4th anniversary together, and marked 12 months until our wedding day – I have a feeling the next year might fly by! It’s also the month I resigned from my current job after 7 years, so the new year will bring a new job. Eeeek!

A month in the life - November 2016

Enjoying: Tidying up the house. There’s something about this time of year where I like to have a spring clean; something about a new year, fresh start kind of feeling I think. There have been runs to the charity shop, rubbish chucked and finding proper homes for bits and pieces.

Making: I’m a woman on a mission at the moment, determined to finish some outstanding projects before the end of the year. The 100daysofcrochet blanket will be finished this weekend and the final Frosted Pumpkin pattern arrives on Friday. You can see more of what I’m working on here.

Planning: Christmas! Less than a month to go now so I’m making plans to see loved ones over the festive break. I’m also finishing up at my current job, so that’s been a big focus as I handover my role ready for a new challenge in 2017!

Watching: Obviously I had to watch Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – got to say I was a bit disappointed; it seemed to miss that GG magic and the end was infuriating. Other than that, I’ve started on The Crown and I’m really enjoying it. If you like a historical, period drama, it’s definitely for you.

Visiting: York. We celebrated our 4th anniversary together with a weekend away in York; we ate really well, visited York Minster, did a little Christmas shopping and enjoyed a mini break away. I highly recommend York, there’s lots to do.

Thanks for reading – let’s see what the final month of the year has in store…

Leanne x

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A month in the life: October 2016

Hello! I thought I’d kick off a new post, a monthly summary from me with bitesize nuggets of information. It’s not a particularly lengthy post, but it’s a fun exercise to sum up how the month looked with 5 headers. I might mix and match these headers, depending on what I’ve been up to.

So October. October was the month we celebrated our engagement with friends and family; we’ve received so many lovely cards and presents and have felt super loved. October was also Stu’s birthday, so I took him to Brighton for a night – nothing like a bit of sea air and sunshine by the coast! Work was super busy and I’m now ending the month having launched a new series of stickers for Fred & Bell. I’m also busy crocheting and thinking about what to make for our wedding. I love this time of year; while I’m not loving the darker mornings, I do love the cosy feel and cuddling up on the sofa to keep warm, while binging on TV. It feels like our home is geared more to the colder months and we love it that way!

A month in the life - October 2016

Enjoying: How the change in weather is making Freds want to snuggle up with me in the evenings, under a blanket.

Making: I’m in full-on stash busting mode, so I’ve got not one but two crochet blankets on the go (the first you can see more of here). Both will be going to a local cat charity once finished.

Planning: Our wedding! After getting engaged at the end of September we haven’t hung around and have set the date. We’ve got just over a year to go and we’re full to the brim with ideas and things to do.

Watching: I finished Gilmore Girls this month and I feel like there’s a void in my life. I’d love to say I’m joking, but I felt like a lost soul for the first couple of days. Gilmore Girls arrived on Netflix in July and I’ve pretty much watched that, and only that, since. I’m all ready for the 4 new episodes that arrive at the end of November… they can’t come soon enough!

Visiting: Brighton. I took Stu there for his birthday this month and had a fab weekend exploring the Lanes, eating far too much food and going up the i360 tower. So fun to have a weekend away together.

Thanks for reading – let’s see what November has in store…

Leanne x

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