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Say hello to Paintbox Yarns

Before I get started, let me set the scene. I’m working at home and the doorbell rings. It’s our postman and he hands me a pink bag filled with yarn. I instantly knew it was from LoveKnitting and even said “But I’m not expecting anything”. Poor guy must get that all the time but humoured me by saying “I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it”. Oh yes. What was in that bag was a selection of new kid on the block, Paintbox Yarns, wonderful collection of DK, aran, chunky and cotton yarns.

Say hello to Paintbox Yarns - a first look over at This Little Space of Mine

To say I was shocked is putting it lightly; I had no idea it was coming and the colours were just so beautiful. Even my boyfriend commented on how nice the colours were, a sentiment echoed when I sent a photo to my Mum and sister.

So who are Paintbox Yarns? Exclusive to Love Knitting, they’ve launched with 60 shades in four lines – DK, aran, chunky and cotton. Designed to be “modern, playful and all about colour”, they’ve launched alongside a selection of free knitting and crochet patterns – including this adorable ladybird pattern, plus a variety of items of clothing (if you’re on the lookout for bigger projects).

Say hello to Paintbox Yarns - a first look over at This Little Space of Mine

What’s struck me most about Paintbox Yarns is the collection of shades they’ve launched with; it feels like they’ve nailed it here and I’m excited about this brand and where it’s going and what might be in store. LoveKnitting have also put together a selection of five colour packs, which is where I get to announce something exciting…

It’s giveaway time! I’ve teamed up with LoveKnitting to give you the chance to win both the Fallen Leaves and Winter Frost Simply DK packs – worth over £35 and, more importantly, that’s 20 balls of yarn for you to plan with. All you have to do is head over to my Instagram feed and…

  • Follow both @leanneabeale and @paintboxyarns
  • Comment on the Paintbox yarn post within my feed with the names of up to two friends who you think would also love Paintbox yarns

And that’s it!

The competition runs until 23:59 on Thursday 22nd September 2016 and is open to UK residents only on this occasion.

Soon I’ll be back with some Paintbox Yarns inspired colour combination ideas; I do love putting together interesting colours so I hope you’ll join me for that. In the meantime do check out Paintbox Yarns, I think you’ll be impressed.

Leanne x

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A selection of Paintbox Yarns’ range was sent to me by LoveKnitting, but all opinions and excitement about yarn are my own.

MillaMia Elika Wristwarmers from Finishing Touch

As the colder weather doesn’t seem to be letting up, I’m still wearing my MillaMia wristwarmers that I made for myself over Christmas. I’ve worked with MillaMia merino yarn before, when I made this adorable baby hat, but I was curious about using their soft aran yarn and picked up a couple of balls alongside their Finishing Touch book back when I went to The Knitting and Stitching show in October 2014 – yep, it’s taken me this long to make them! I’ll use this post to talk through how I made them and how you can make them too.

MillaMia Wristwarmers from Finishing Touch book - cable knitting with aran yarn - This Little Space of Mine

You’ll need:

MillaMia Wristwarmers from Finishing Touch book - cable knitting with aran yarn - This Little Space of Mine

MillaMia Wristwarmers

Before I get started, I have to say that these were incredibly quick to work up; I sat and made them over the Christmas holidays and completed them within a couple of days. While cable knitting had been something I was wary of before, once I got going and you get yourself into a rhythm with it, it’s straightforward and an enjoyable pattern to work with. Plus, the stitch looks great and I love the depth it gives. I’d only ever tried cabling once before, when I made this cowl, so the pattern isn’t too complex.

The yarn itself is smooth to work with and glides through the needles; having worn these over the last month or so they definitely keep me warm, so a great yarn choice for the colder weather.

MillaMia Wristwarmers from Finishing Touch book - cable knitting with aran yarn - This Little Space of Mine

While I was making them I did have concerns as to whether I’d have enough of the Teal shade, so something to be wary of – had I run out I would’ve introduced the Slate shade a little sooner. There also aren’t any detailed instructions on joining, so I just put it against my hand to see where the gap for my thumb needed to be.

The great thing about these wristwarmers is that they’re unisex and MillaMia have a great selection of colours to choose from. I chose Teal and Slate, but I’m tempted to make them again in Magenta and Ochre – for a brighter make.

What do you think? Tempted to give them a go?

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions on how I made these wristwarmers do drop me a comment below. Now where is that warmer weather? I’m looking forward to spring…

Leanne x

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