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Making a cosy stripe blanket

One of the best things – if not the very best thing – about crafting is being able to make something for a loved one. I made Attic 24’s cosy stripe blanket for a friend of mine, who is expecting her first baby this month. I made it back in March so I’m pretty happy to finally be able to share it with you today!

Making a cosy stripe baby blanket - pattern from Attic 24 and made using Stylecraft Special DK. Post from This Little Space of Mine

If you’re a regular reader you may remember seeing this very colour scheme pop up in my baby colour scheme ideas post last month. It was the closest I could come to sharing what I’d made before the baby shower and I referenced the colours chosen as being a middle ground between neutral and gender specific. I knew my friend was expecting a little boy, but didn’t want too much blue, or anything too bold, and felt like she’d want something more ‘natural’ and warm, so after playing around with my yarn pegs I decided on Stylecraft Special DK’s Cream, Stone, Parchment, Duck Egg and Soft Peach. There’s an argument to say Soft Peach isn’t really boy-proof, but with the balance of the other shades I think it’s fine.

Before I go into anymore details, here’s a bit of essential information you need if you’d like to make a cosy stripe blanket.

You’ll need:

A couple of other bits of information for you:

  • The finished size of the blanket was: 78 x 91cm
  • I adapted the pattern with a pram/buggy in mind, so worked to 124 trebles and 40/41 granny’s
  • Lucy works with a 4mm hook, but as my tension can be a little tight I opted for a bigger hook – one that I’m more comfortable using

I’ve mentioned the shades I worked with, the ordering was Cream, Stone, Duck Egg, Cream, Parchment, Soft Peach. The Stone and Parchment shades felt close, so I opted to keep them apart. I think it was my Mum who said there was a classic Neapolitan ice cream feel about the colours together and I quite agree!

Making a cosy stripe baby blanket - pattern from Attic 24 and made using Stylecraft Special DK. Post from This Little Space of Mine

The cosy stripe blanket had been one I’d had my eye on for a long time and after A LOT of back and forth about what I should make for the baby, I decided to go for the cosy stripe – mainly because I liked the stitch combinations and felt like I would be able to make it. I don’t consider myself as a pro-crocheter just yet, so I wanted something I wouldn’t struggle too much with.

It was certainly a step away from the ripple blanket I’ve been working on and did present me some challenges; those challenges taught me more about crochet so weren’t negative ones in the slightest. The one area I struggled with – and ended up unpicking half of it because – was not adding/forgetting stitches, specifically on the rows of trebles. This caused the blanket to angle itself and grow very oddly, so I unpicked it and made a note of exactly how many stitches should be in each row. Yes, checking them after every row might seem tedious, but for me it meant no more mistakes and that I’d be able to keep its shape.

Once it was finished there was still a little wonkiness, but a quick wash sorted that out; that’s another good thing about Stylecraft Special DK – wash proof. Perfect for a baby!

Making a cosy stripe baby blanket - pattern from Attic 24 and made using Stylecraft Special DK. Post from This Little Space of Mine

How cute is this border? I love the shape of each of the blue sections, kind of like a semi-circle.

All in all this project has a thumbs up from me; the pattern was fun to work on, I loved the colours I chose (even after a couple of moments of doubt), it turned out well and the best thing? My friend loved it when I gave it to her at the baby shower. To make something for her baby felt incredibly special, and I hope to make lots more for him in the future!

So have you every made the cosy stripe blanket? Big thanks to Lucy for Attic 24 for sharing her patterns, they’re always a joy to work on. Love to see pics if you have made one!

Leanne x

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