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Happy 2nd birthday This Little Space of Mine!

Today marks 2 years since I launched This Little Space of Mine! After closing my previous blog in September 2014, I took a couple of months out to plan this very blog and here we are two years later, a whole lot of content written and a lot learnt. I’ve loved blogging here, I don’t feel tired of it like I had previously and by expanding out to allow me to talk about lifestyle, as well as crafting, it feels like I’ve got a good balance. The audience has grown and, along with it, I’ve made new friends, learnt new skills and written content I feel proud of.

Where will the next 12 months take me? Well, no one knows that, but with a wedding to plan there may be some wedding crafts featured. I’m also still working out a balance between This Little Space of Mine and Fred & Bell. More than anything, I hope to keep making and being creative – that’s always been at the heart of this small corner of the internet.

So to celebrate today, I thought I’d share the five post popular posts from the last 12 months. I did the same last year, and just one post features again.

Making a cosy stripe blanket. I knew this would feature top of the list, I have no idea how but it’s one that’s gone viral on Pinterest; I’ve even had friends message me to say they’ve searched “crochet blanket” and up has come this make. The original pattern is from Attic 24, but I chose these colours. What’s even more special is that I made this for my best friends’ baby in the spring and seeing him using makes my heart happy every time.

Making a cosy stripe baby blanket - pattern from Attic 24 and made using Stylecraft Special DK. Post from This Little Space of Mine

Making Sincerely Louise’s fox slippers from Mollie Makes. As a big fan of foxes I instantly fell in love with this slipper pattern I found in Mollie Makes. After getting my sizings wrong to start with, I had great fun making this, practicing my intarsia skills and seeing the fox features come together. Plus Sincerely Louise loved them and named me her maker of the week, not long after the post went live.

Making Sincerely Louise's fox slippers - pattern from Mollie Makes - using Bergere De France Ideal yarn to knit these slippers. Post via This Little Space of Mine

5 stash busting crochet blanket patterns. Yay for stash busting, it’s something I’m on a mission with at the moment, so I’m glad this came up as a popular post – a good little reminder! Cherry Heart’s ‘Weekender’ blanket is still my favourite idea. I had great fun putting together this post and exploring various blanket ideas; in fact I might have to do another one soon!

5 stash busting crochet blanket patterns - Cherry Heart's Weekender Blanket via This Little Space of Mine

Colour scheme ideas for Stylecraft Yarn’s Special DK collection (part 1) and Colour scheme ideas for Stylecraft Yarn’s Special DK collection (part 2). So it was actually the 1st of these posts in the top 5, but I couldn’t resist including the second. It felt like these two posts were a turning point for my blog; I found a concept that worked and the feedback on my ideas was a huge confidence boost and has led to further colour concept posts this year.

Colour scheme ideas for Stylecraft Yarn's Special DK collection - This Little Space of Mine

The story of the knitted sky blanket. The only post to feature both last year and today, boy oh boy was this one heck of a make. I made this over the course of 14 months, recording the colour of the sky at midday every day during 2014. I worked super hard on this and there was blood, sweat and tears, but it’s by far my proudest make to date.

The story of the sky blanket - This Little Space of Mine

So again, a big thank you for reading – whether that’s been one post, a few posts or everything I’ve written, it’s noted and much appreciated!

Here’s to another year of blogging!

Leanne x

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Happy 6th birthday Freds!

Little old Freds is 6 years old, bless his heart.

Happy 6th birthday Freddie. This Little Space of Mine

As a tribute to him I wanted to share some of my favourite pics I’ve taken of him over the last year. I also did the same for his 5th birthday and (on my old blog) his 4th birthday.

My darling boy is just the best; everyone loves him and I love how much all our friends and family like him. In the last year he’s moved house and handled it really well. Given he had a 45 minute journey to his new home (and hates the car) and was beaten up by a neighbour’s cat (ending up at the vets), I think he’s done pretty well. He still can’t seem to shift that weight, but I reckon that’s just part of his charm.

Some Freddie vital stats for you:


  • Cheese
  • Sweet wrappers
  • Watching bird videos on YouTube
  • The blanket my Grandad made for me when I was little
  • Cuddles in the morning


  • Polly, the neighbourhood bully cat
  • Being in a car
  • Being taken to the vets
  • Waiting for his breakfast
  • The hoover

Oh such a simple life!

If you fancy keeping up on Freds adventures (mainly sleeping – lazy boy!), I may have created an Instagram hashtag for him – #fredsthecat.

Crazy cat lady? Just a little!

Leanne x

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Happy 1st birthday This Little Space of Mine!

Today marks one year since I launched This Little Space of Mine! Happy birthday to… me, I guess! What a year it’s been; with long holidays, weddings and a house move this year has been non-stop but I’ve loved developing This Little Space of Mine and, in the last couple of months, I feel more focused then ever and full of exciting plans.

Happy 1st birthday - This Little Space of Mine

I’d love to say a big thank you to you for reading and for those especially have been around since day one and visited time and time again. I’m a numbers nerd and I love seeing what’s popular and even what’s not; it’s helped me develop and continue to develop my content. Thank you!

What better a way to celebrate then by looking at my five most popular posts from the last year. Which was your favourite post?

The story of the knitted sky blanket – March 2015. This had to feature, didn’t it? The biggest craft project I’ve taken on; over the course of 14 months making a knitted sky blanket had its highs and lows but I love it and it now sits proudly on our sofa.

The story of the sky blanket - This Little Space of Mine

A beautiful summer wedding in Gloucestershire – the day my best friend got married – July 2015. Equally pleased to see this; one of my favourite days of the year gone by, it was truly a special time to stand by my best friend as her bridesmaid. And didn’t she look beautiful?

The one where my best friend got married. A beautiful wedding in a small Gloucestershire village - This Little Space of Mine

Fudge Kitchen experience in Edinburgh – December 2015. Stu and I love the Fudge Kitchen and treated ourselves to their fudge making experience course when in Edinburgh for our anniversary last year. Great fun, plus we got to take loads of it home!

Fudge Kitchen experience - This Little Space of Mine

Learn to knit with Simple Stylish Knitting magazine – March 2015. I remember this post well; I started it by talking about knitting vs. crochet and it certainly generated a bit of discussion! I’ve since learnt how to crochet (hurray!) but knitting will always be my favourite and I love receiving Simple Stylish Knitting through the post once a month.

Learn to knit with Simple Stylish Knitting - This Little Space of Mine

Getting started with Anna Jones’ ‘A Modern Way to Eat’ – May 2015. My favourite cook book these days, I even have Anna Jones’ second book now. I looked at the contents of the book as well as setting myself the challenge of 5 makes from it, back in May. Oops, I really need to make the final one and talk more about it!

A modern way to eat - This Little Space of Mine

Quite interesting to see a variety of posts pop up – craft, home and lifestyle. What kind of posts are your favourite reads?

Thank you so much for reading – here’s to the next 12 months!

Leanne x

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Happy 5th birthday Freds!

My darling Freds is 5 years old today. Look at his little face…

Freds 5th birthday

I love Freds, obviously. He’s my baby, can do pretty much nothing wrong and I’d defend him to the ends of the earth. He’s a rather needy baby and the cheeky scamp likes to help himself to food from time to time, plus the vet would like him to lose weight but he gets so miserable when he’s hungry. He hates the winter; never going out means he’s carrying a little bit of winter weight.

Freds 5th birthday

5 years with Freds has been so much fun and I really couldn’t imagine what the house would be like without him. He loves visitors and will cuddle anyone. His skanky mouse cuddly toy is his favourite item and I recently discovered how much he likes peas. Weird.

Freds 5th birthday

He won’t read this post and he definitely doesn’t know it’s his birthday, but I do and what better a reason to share some photos of him? These were taken in November last year when I was trying to photograph my sky blanket. Surprise surprise, he wanted to get involved.

Finally a couple of outtakes for you because, let’s face it, I have hundreds of photos like this – as I’m sure all pet owners can appreciate!

Freds 5th birthday

Beautiful Freds, work that camera.

Freds 5th birthday

Crazy cat lady? Ohhhh yes.


Celebrating my 29th birthday

On Saturday 3rd January 2015 I celebrated my 29th birthday so we went up to London for lunch at Balthazar (just off Covent Garden) and a mooch around Liberty. As it’s the first Saturday of the month it tied in nicely with Emma and Michelle’s #1day12pics series, so a golden opportunity to practice my photography and capture the day.

You can find out more about #1day12pics over here – the idea is to take a picture each hour, for 12 hours and share them on Instagram, Twitter etc. using the hashtag. You’ll see below that I haven’t completely stuck to that, but it gives you a feel for what my day looked like.

Celebrating my 29th birthday - This Little Space of Mine

So the day started with a cup of tea and some cards and presents. I may have woken my sister up early so she could watch me open my presents – sorry Ali! My presents included a coat (see below) and a fox dress (see below again!). After that it was time to get ready to go up to London…

Celebrating my 29th birthday - This Little Space of Mine

It was raining! All day! After missing one train and then because of engineering works at Wimbledon arriving late into Waterloo, we decided to jump in a taxi to Covent Garden. That felt like a real treat.

Celebrating my 29th birthday - This Little Space of Mine

The birthday celebrations began! I’d wanted to go to Balthazar since it opened in London a couple of years ago and I wasn’t disappointed! As soon as we sat down the waitress complimented me on my fox dress and wished me a happy birthday. We ordered wine and bread to get us started…

Celebrating my 29th birthday - This Little Space of Mine

…before ordering some delicious red wine and steak for lunch! I felt really spoilt and the staff couldn’t have done anymore for us. They helped us pick what to order and really made us feel welcome and comfortable. Our food was also amazing. So tasty, I didn’t want it to end!

Celebrating my 29th birthday - This Little Space of Mine

And then I was sung happy birthday to and given a plate of tasty French pastries. My favourite? The lemon meringue (on the right). I shared with Stu and he loved the marshmallow.

Celebrating my 29th birthday - This Little Space of Mine

After lunch I couldn’t resist having my photo taken outside the Cambridge Satchel Company shop, with my brand new Cambridge Satchel in tow.

Celebrating my 29th birthday - This Little Space of Mine

As it’d stopped raining we opted to walk from Covent Garden to Liberty; even though Christmas has passed it was still nice to see all the lights as we walked down Regent Street.

Celebrating my 29th birthday - This Little Space of Mine

Liberty! OK, not an amazing shot, but you get the drift. It was nice to mooch around, though going with a boy may not have been the best idea in the world!

A big thank you to everyone from their birthday wishes and thank you to my family and friends for all my lovely presents and cards – it made my birthday weekend very special.


29 before 29 and resolutions for 2015

Happy new year! I’d originally planned to get back to blogging on New Year’s day, but I’ve got to be honest – I loved having a rest and a break from being on a laptop and instead opted for time with family and friends. Now I’m pumped and ready for some 2015 blogging adventures!

Yesterday I celebrated my 29th birthday – hurray! Stu took me to London for the day to celebrate and I loved our day out together. I’ll share some photos with you very soon.

Being that 28 was soooo yesterday(!) I thought I’d share how I got on with last year’s resolutions and touch on my resolutions for 2015.

29 before 29 - This Little Space of Mine

First up – 29 before 29, what is this? Inspired by Rosalilium’s list, the idea was to achieve a number of things before my next birthday. Given that I turned 29 yesterday, I put together 29 things I’d like to achieve before the 3rd January 2015.

Here’s how my list looks today; striked through items were achieved.

  1. Take a photo a day for the 4th year running.
  2. Make good progress on my sky blanket – making a note/knitting a square to match the colour of the sky.
  3. Bake key lime cupcakes.
  4. Visit the Renegade Craft Fair in London.
  5. Worry less.
  6. Watch the original version of The Killing.
  7. Play more board games.
  8. Read each Now I Know email I receive.
  9. Start learning how to do patchwork sewing.
  10. Go to a zoo.
  11. Read three books. I’m going to take some inspiration from The Tattooed Book’s list.
  12. Move in with Stuart.
  13. Spend more time with friends and family, less time on the internet (unless I’m blogging or at work, obviously).
  14. Visit Liberty.
  15. Bake a pie from scratch.
  16. Figure out how to knit in the round.
  17. Start a local craft group.
  18. Watch the original three Star Wars films (without falling asleep).
  19. Knit myself a pair of gloves.
  20. Enjoy my job. I already do, but it’s easy to take these things for granted.
  21. Save £X. I won’t reveal how much, but I have a target in mind ahead of *hopefully* buying a house next year.
  22. Make my very own Advent calendar.
  23. Create a photo album for Baz, my travelling teddy bear.
  24. Start running again.
  25. Visit Edinburgh.
  26. Have more lazy days/evenings at home.
  27. Go on a day/weekend spa break.
  28. Knit a dinosaur.
  29. Make more Spotify playlists to listen to.

So I managed to cross off 17/29 – 59%. What does that mean? I have absolutely no idea! This list was great in theory but, let’s face it, it was pretty unlikely I’d achieve all 29 things – life doesn’t work that way. I’ve also figured out that I spend a lot of time writing lists and sticking to structures and, while I work best that way most of the time, I don’t think it’s healthy for me to fixate on achieving all the time.

Resolutions for 2015? I’m really going to refrain from setting anything too strict; I’ll loosely say that I’d like to focus on the following –

  • Reading and having more downtime
  • Learning about photography
  • Improving my diet and general fitness

I have some ideas in mind of how to do these, but I’m just going to see how things go. I’ll be sure to share with you my progress here – I’m looking forward to taking better care of myself this coming year.

What about you? Any resolutions or ideas that stand out? What are you hoping 2015 will bring you? I’d love to know (I’m nosey like that!)