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3 years of Blogtacular – and why this year was the best!

I’ve been lucky enough to attend all three Blogtacular events, with the 17th/18th June 2016 event being the latest. I’d wrote a spontaneous post a couple of weeks back about the things to do post-Blogtacular, if you’d attended, but today I kind of want to take a moment to reflect back on the weekend and why this year was the best event.

So what is Blogtacular? I appreciate you might be reading this wondering what the heck it is. While I could recite what it says on their website, about “Blogtacular being the place for bloggers whose hearts beat with creativity to come together to meet, share and inspire.”, I’d like to add a personal spin to it. Blogtacular is the one day of my year where I get to step out of my day to day routine to really spend a day on me and my creativity. For that reason, it’s a real treat day and a day I countdown to. I feel pretty fortunate have that opportunity and to have something in the diary that I know will keep me happy and creative… plus a chance to meet up with fellow creative folk, some of whom I class as friends and others are most likely friends in the making!

3 years of attending Blogtacular - and why this year was the best!

I’d probably struggle to put into words what I took from the day, so for now here are my five reasons why this year was the best.

1. I full threw myself into it. What’s the phrase? You’ll get out what you put in? That. This year I booked myself into a hotel for the Friday night, instead of rushing to get there on the Saturday morning. That meant I arrived before the doors opened and was able to enjoy breakfast and time to natter to people in a relaxed fashion before it all kicked off. It also meant I got to go to the welcome party at West Elm. On the day itself I also made a conscious effect to look at the marketplace, go to the creative genius bar to talk to Allison Sadler and to do some crafting with the ladies from The New Craft House. I knew the more I got involved in, the more I would take from the day and it really worked!

2. Everything ran like clockwork. I mention this because it’s one of those things where if it runs smoothly you don’t tend to notice, but if it goes to pot you really notice. I cannot complement Kat and the team enough on how smoothly everything ran on the day; everyone was well informed, we knew where everything was and the timings were spot on. So, yes, I did notice and kudos to team Blogtacular for a smoothly running day, allowing everyone to fully relax.

3. Fantastic speakers. Every year Blogtacular pull it out of the bag with a fab line up of speakers, and every year I wonder how they’ll top it next time. Lisa Congdon‘s keynote speech made me really think about what I was expected to do in life vs. what I really want to do, Kate at A Playful Day made me step back and give thought to telling a story and Laura at Superlatively Rude made me think about my writing and how I could been a bit more bold like Laura. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

4. A real sense of community and friendship. A friend recently told me about a blogging event she went to where she ended up having lunch on her own because no one talked to her. I was shocked. Hand on heart, I could never imagine that happening at Blogtacular. Everyone is friendly and looking out for each other. If you end up standing on your own, it won’t be for too long before someone comes over to say hello, and if you go to a talk on your own you’ll be talking to the person sitting next to you in no time.

5. Space and time to talk, chill, eat and be inspired! Going to an event like Blogtacular can be a big deal. Being in a room with lots of people who you’re perhaps intimidated by, or simply don’t know, can be quite nerve wracking, but the environment for Blogtacular was spacious, with teas, coffees etc. on tap and several breaks where you could fuel up on food and drink (including an incredibly delicious lunch!). In my opinion, having space eases nerves and allows you to break away if you just need a five minute breather.

A huge thank you to Kat and team Blogtacular for a wonderful day! And a big hello to all the Blogtacular attendees!

Leanne x

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Photo credit: A big thank you to Mollie Makes and Will Ireland for the photo used in this post.

5 things to do after Blogtacular

Wowee, what a weekend that was! I grabbed myself a ticket to this weekend’s Blogtacular event, booked a hotel on Brick Lane and spent a couple of days with a group of incredibly inspiring creative folk. It made my heart happy and I’m still buzzing from all I learned, the friends I spent time with, new people I met and goodies I came back with. I feel inspired to do more, stick to my goals, create new ones and… just keep going! Sometimes we can all fall into lulls, but Blogtacular will (and has in the past) 100% lifted me out of any slumps.

I’ve got lots to write about Blogtacular, and many, many thank you’s to say (Kat & co, I’m looking at you!), but today I want to kick off with 5 things to do after Blogtacular; this year was my 3rd time attending and in these past three years I’ve learned a lot about how to get the best from blogging events. It’s what we do afterwards that really counts.

So if you’re feeling those post-Blogtacular blues, I hope this post will help!

5 things to do after Blogtacular. Blogtacular 2016 has been and gone, but it's now the next steps that count! I've shared 5 things we can all be doing to make sure we get the very best from Blogtacular and all it has to offer! Post from This Little Space of Mine

  1. Write a list. And another. And another. Write as many as you need to. My list has consisted (so far) of emailing those people I want to talk more to, taking photos of things I want to share on Instagram (like our amazing goody bag!) and little tweaks and prompts I want to think about for my blog and Fred and Bell. Some of them are what I call ‘quick wins’ and some will take me longer to figure out, but this is the best way for me to keep on track and make sure I take everything I possibly can from Blogtacular.
  2. Make connections! Top of the list, just say hello. At the very least, give those new friends or speakers a follow on Instagram, Twitter and the likes, but don’t be afraid to send an email or a private message to thank them, continue the chat or arrange to see them again. It’s easy to walk away from Blogtacular, knowing you had a good time but doing nothing with it. What you do after Blogtacular is what counts, and those connections are hugely important. Don’t forget the Blogtacular Facebook group for attendees too!
  3. Write down those good feelings you felt. After the first Blogtacular in 2014 I walked away on this huge high, but slowly as “real life” creeped back in I forgot those good thoughts and goals I’d promised myself I’d work towards. After last year (and this year’s event) I always write down the goals, feelings and good vibes that make me smile and aim high. Putting them in a prominent place, like a notice board or on a wall, is a good way of keeping them in your mind too.
  4. Look up those topics and bloggers you didn’t know about. Did you have a Joey from Friends moment where you nodded along when someone talked about something you’d never heard of? Now is the best time to look it up and get in the know. Those little snippets are golden and will elevate your blogging/creative knowledge in no time. This year’s Blogtacular has made me want to give Snapchat another go and I’ve already spent hours reading Laura’s Superlatively Rude blog after her FAB workshop. Side note: have you listened to Laura’s podcast? It’s my new must-listen.
  5. Share stories and pictures. Those post-Blogtacular blues are horrible, so scrolling through the #Blogtacular hashtag on Instagram and Twitter has kept me going and I love seeing everyone’s pictures and memories from the weekend gone. Say hello or comment on the pictures you love – it’s all about making connections with the things we have in common with each other.

Were you at Blogtacular this year? I’d love to say hello to you! You can pop a comment to me below or reach me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or drop me an email. I was the one handing out sticker samples for Fred and Bell – which were received so incredibly well (hurrah!). But more on that soon.

I’ll end with this post with a picture taken of me and Allison having a hug. I met Allison at the first Blogtacular and we’ve kept in touch ever since; I only ever see her at Blogtacular, but it’s always the best… she has the best advice and gives wonderful hugs.

5 things to do after Blogtacular. Blogtacular 2016 has been and gone, but it's now the next steps that count! I've shared 5 things we can all be doing to make sure we get the very best from Blogtacular and all it has to offer! Post from This Little Space of Mine

Let’s keep those connections going!

Leanne x

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Photo credit: A big thank you to Mollie Makes and Will Ireland for the photos used in this post.

5 podcasts to download today

When it comes to podcasts I feel like I’m so incredibly late to the party. Everyone has been listening to them for years, right? I’ve always seen podcasts I like the look of, but never been sure how to listen to them. It sounds so silly, I know! I hear of iTunes and think, well what about Android users? Then towards the end of last year my boyfriend starting getting into podcasts on his Android, told me what to download (and a few podcasts to listen to) and off I went. I use Podcast Addict; it’s great.

So now I love them; they make my journey to and from work more enjoyable (and the journey goes quicker!) and I listen while I’m cooking, crafting etc. They provide good company too, when music just isn’t what I want.

5 podcasts to download today - featuring Elise Gets Crafty, Blogtacular, Pomcast, Mortified and Adam Buxton. This Little Space of Mine

In today’s post I wanted to share and shout about 5 podcasts I’ve been listening to and enjoying – in case you’re like me and a) are late to the podcast party or b) would like to find new listens.

Elise Gets Crafty

Oh boy, I love this podcast. I started with the episode where the creator of 1 second every day shared his story and haven’t looked back. In each weekly episode, Elise discusses blogging, business and creativity – with a new guest each time. Even if you’re not ‘into’ any of those things, there’s a lot of inspiration to be found around working practices, keeping organised and looking after yourself. Elise finds genuinely interesting people to speak to (who you can resonate with), gets insight from them I haven’t heard in other podcasts and keeps it enjoyable – most podcasts are around 35 minutes too, so it doesn’t drag. Listening to an episode on my drive to work feels like it’s kick starting my day in a positive way, so I highly recommend a listen. Also, and this is how late I am to the party, Elise is the creator of Get to Work Book; in planner land this product seems to be growing and growing in popularity.

Find out more and listen to Elise Gets Crafty here.


Pomcast is a knitting podcast that comes from the team at Pom Pom Quarterly magazine. Above anything else, it’s just a fun podcast that always makes me smile and want to hang out with Lydia and Sophie at the pub (obviously while knitting!). The funny thing is, those ladies are what I call ‘grown up’ knitters; they knit with ‘proper’ yarn that costs more than your average Stylecraft ball of yarn. I’m not a ‘grown up’ knitter, but sure would like to be one day, but that difference doesn’t make the podcasts any less enjoyable to listen to. They regularly interview designers and fellow knitters, plus squeeze in details of what they’ve been making and random chit chat. It’s one of those podcasts where I get excited for the next episode to arrive.

Find out more and listen to Pomcast here.


You may remember me talking about Blogtacular before (see here); it’s a place for “place for bloggers whose hearts beat with creativity to come together to meet, share and inspire” and, alongside their annual blogger conference, they’ve recently branched out into the land of podcasts. Kat kicked things off with Marte Marie Forsberg, who I heard talk at Blogtacular and have found her hugely inspiring ever since. The podcast is very much aimed at creatives and those with their own business (or business day dreams!) and love to be crafty in whatever shape that may be. A friendly and fun podcast, I look forward to hearing more guests.

Find out more and listen to Blogtacular here.

Adam Buxton

If you’re looking for something away from being creative, Adam Buxton‘s podcast is the one for you. I never listened to the Adam and Joe show on the BBC or XFM (though the back catalogue is available), but this podcast is great fun and there’s something dry and enjoyable and his humour. Adam has so far interviewed the likes of Louis Theroux, Rob Brydon and my favourite, Caitlin Moran. The topics he discusses captivate me and keep me interested, plus there are various skits and funny anecdotes. The show is currently on a break, but I really hope it returns soon. In the meantime there are 12 episodes to keep you entertained.

Find out more and listen to Adam Buxton here.


And finally, for something completely different, how about Mortified? The Mortified Podcast is “angst written”; in a live-stand up environment guests share their childhood writings – so diaries, poems etc. Can you imagine sharing your teenage diary?! The horror! For that reason it’s a fun, light hearted podcast that I often listen to while I’m at work; it’s great to have on in the background for company. The laughter sometimes grates on me, but all in all this podcast makes me laugh; the people who share their stories are so brave!

Find out more and listen to Mortified here.

So what are you listening to? Whenever someone says the word podcast in conversation I’m all excited and asking what they’re listening to (the novelty hasn’t worn off!). So if you have a podcast you’re loving, let me know! Equally, if you listen to one of the above, let me know what you think, I hope you like them.

Thanks for reading.

Leanne x

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A day of learning and inspiration at Blogtacular

Taking a day out from the normal is pretty good for the soul, I’ve decided. A moment to step out of the day to day, expectations placed on you (or ones you put on yourself) and find happiness or ideas in an area you wouldn’t expect. Blogging has always given me that, as well as an outlet for creativity, and that’s why I was excited to head to Blogtacular last month.

If you haven’t heard of it, or perhaps you’re not a blogger yourself, Blogtacular is a one day event for bloggers and creatives to come together to meet, share and inspire others. As an attendee it allowed me to listed and learn from creatives and those who are making it on their own, doing what they love. That in itself is pretty inspirational; I’d love to one day work for myself – the how and what I’d do I really don’t know.

Blogtacular - This Little Space of Mine

Before I share the things that stuck with me from the day, I must say thank you to Mollie Makes for taking and allowing me to share the photos on here. Secondly, if you’re already thinking that this might be up your street then get involved with their virtual conference – giving you access to talks from the day. I’ve bought my ticket!

So learnings from the day – there are heaps and heaps, but I’ll just share a few snippets. To read other posts from the day head over to the dedicated Pinterest board.

Being brave and asking a question to Grace Bonney

Grace Bonney, founder of Design*Sponge, kicked off the day and wow, she blew me away. Her presence, passion and friendliness was incredible. Grace spoke about fear and change and the words resonated closely with every single person in the room. The key point, for me, was that if you can acknowledge your fears it’ll ‘take the sting out’ – you can watch her talk in full over on Blogtacular’s YouTube channel. So even if you’re not a blogger, or creative or any of the above, we all experience fear and there are ways of handling it.

Blogtacular - This Little Space of Mine

As part of her keynote, Grace asked us all to note down three fears. When it came to questions for Grace I did the most unlike me thing, maybe ever, and asked a question – sharing one of my fears with Grace. I’m normally way too scared to do anything like that, but I’m so glad I did. I asked about the horribleness of comparison, how it can really impact on my confidence and how I might overcome it. And she got it and her answer really gave me food for thought. And hey, people said to me afterwards that it was a good question and I think helpful to others too. Yay me! If you want to hear my question and Grace’s answer, flick to 42:45 in the video.

The energy of Marte Marie Forsberg

Marie ran two sessions at Blogtacular and I got myself along to her food photography and styling workshop in the afternoon. Marie is amazing. There are no other words. Her energy and enthusiasm and heck, even the way she described strawberries and cream was endearing and weirdly mesmerising.

Blogtacular - This Little Space of Mine

Marie’s a food photographer – do have a look at her portfolio – and her session included some useful insights into styling my photographs, but really it’s her energy and passion that’s stayed with me – along with her line about how a photograph should always tell a story. That I need to bring into my photography.

It’s OK to want this

Sometimes I get really excited about blogging. I have a brainwave, bursting with ideas, time to practice my photography, write etc. and I feel really happy. Then life steps in and time and time again I seem to convince myself that it’s not real, it’s a bit of fun, it doesn’t matter to anyone. Well, no more. I walked away from Blogtacular and decided that it is a thing, it’s a thing I enjoy and it’s a thing I want to explore more. I love marketing and if nothing else, blogging and interacting with a creative community is helping me learn new marketing skills.

Of course it’s more than that for me, but the day certainly cemented in my mind that people are earning livings from this, working hard, opening up to new opportunities and the only thing stopping me from going down that road is me. Oh and probably time, but you get where I’m going with it!

Blogtacular - This Little Space of Mine

Bloggers are the friendliest of people

OK, I kind of knew this already, but there’s nothing like an event where people come together to remind me of it. Speaking to fellow bloggers – some I’ve spoken to already, some I hadn’t – was a huge part of the day and it feels like I’ve made some big steps already in the blogging community, because of Blogtacular.

I finally got to meet bloggers I’ve been speaking to for ages – Katie and Claire were a great support on the day and I’m so glad I got to meet them. I got to have a chat with Helena from Mollie Makes about styling, made new blogger friends in Abi and Tessa and got to catch up with Fran and Allison, amongst many others. It made my heart happy to spend time with these amazing ladies.

Time flies way too fast

The one downside of the day is that it all went far too quickly. It felt like I was in a whirlwind and there were so many other people I’d have loved to have spoken to, so many speakers I’d love to have heard and just five minutes to sit down and digest all I was learning. Probably would’ve helped had I gone to the evening event! But there you go; what counts is what I’ve taken away from the day. Plus, the virtual conference is a fab idea and I’m looking forward to the first videos being released.

Blogtacular - This Little Space of Mine

A big big thank you to Kat Molesworth and Kat Goldin for all their hard work in putting the day together; my head was buzzing with ideas and, now more than ever, I’m determined to push forward with my goals and ideas.

If you’re curious about Blogtacular, come along to their Wednesday evening Twitter chat – 9pm (GMT), 4pm (Eastern) or 1pm (Pacific). It’s a great way of learning from each other and getting that support you’ll need to further your blogging or creative lifestyle.

Blogtacular - This Little Space of Mine

Finally… were you there? If I missed you, please say hello below – I wish I could’ve talked to more people so it’d be nice to continue to make those connections.

Thanks for reading!

Leanne x
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Photo credit: Mollie Makes

A look back at June 2015

I’m back! I’ve missed blogging heaps and it’s no nice to finally be able to sit down, in my new craft room, and write a post. I haven’t organised myself to a full schedule yet but I’m hoping I can get back on track soon. Ahead of moving house I really thought I’d be offline a week and then return to normal – how wrong I was! 23 days without the internet isn’t easy, that much I have learnt.

So June. June had it’s ups and downs. Buying a house, I thought, would be an incredibly happy time yet it was the most stressful month I’ve experienced in a long time. Don’t get me wrong, buying and moving into our first home together makes me incredibly proud and I thank my lucky stars every day that I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to buy a home. But the reality is that it’s a huge upheaval. As the month has passed we’ve had furniture arrive, unpacked a whole heap of boxes and, with the arrival of our sofas last Friday, it is finally starting to feel like home. And I love it! We’ve made a plan for next steps in July and I’m hoping we can both take time out, together, to enjoy the house. We’ve even booked in a date night next week which I can’t wait for.

June was also the month of Blogtacular and what an amazing experience that was! I want to write more about Blogtacular soon, but essentially it was a day out of ‘the norm’ for me where I got to be inspired by other creatives and meet people I now consider to be friends. A big thank you to Katie and Claire, especially, for being my buddies on the day – as well as all the other lovely people I got to spend time with.

Baz Lurhman’s ‘Sunscreen‘ references the lyrics ‘The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind. The kind that blindsides you at 4 pm on some idle Tuesday’ and how true that is. A couple of days into June I came across a man who had unfortunately passed away in our work car park. I won’t go into too much detail about the experience but watching six paramedics work tirelessly to save his life was truly heartbreaking. I have so much respect for their profession; they were incredible and so collected about what was unfolding in front of them. The days after it were difficult and a big thank you to my friends and family for all their support. Since then I’ve often thought about him and how I found him. I so wish I could’ve done something to save him. I’m not sure the memories of finding him will ever go away, but they’re finding a place.

Onto something more positive… my best friend got married! A beautiful day and I felt so truly honoured to stand by her side as one of her bridesmaids. Yep, there were tears. The build up to the day and being involved in the prep made for a truly happy time and I loved spending the weekend down in Cirencester. I got to see the photos this week and they so perfectly sum up the day and the theme the bride and groom wanted. I’ll hopefully be able to share some pictures with you soon.

And to top it all off I went to Germany last week on a work trip. We went to Cologne, to Phantasialand – a huge theme park that didn’t disappoint. It was nice to take some time out and spend more time with colleagues, outside of the day to day working environment. Plus the Vengaboys performed at our last night work do – amazing! I’ve had their songs in my head ever since!

What a month!

July for me is going to be all about enjoying my new surroundings, continuing to build our home, enjoying our relationship a bit more, spending time with friends and, let’s not forget, Wimbledon! Wouldn’t it be good if this heatwave continued too?

Blog wise, as I wrote earlier I’m really hoping I can get back into a proper schedule soon. I have lots and lots of ideas and I still have my California trip to share with you.

So – how are you? How was your month?

Thanks so much for reading!

Leanne x
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