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5 tools that will help keep your blog organised

Hello! It’s been a while, but I’m back today with another marketing themed blog post, this time looking a 5 tools that will help keep your blog organised – all tools I use on a regular basis. If you fancy catching a previous marketing post, here are a couple of links for you:

5 tools that will help keep your blog organised - including Trello, Dropbox, Hootsuite and more! Post from This Little Space of Mine

5 tools that will help keep your blog organised

So here are 5 tools that I’m using to help keep my blog organised; everyone is different and has their own way of keeping organised, but these are all tried and tested and tools I use on a regular basis. Love to hear if you have any other tools you use and love.

1. Dropbox

I’d be a little lost without Dropbox. I use Dropbox to store all images and WordPress back ups of my website (which I do on the 1st of every month). I’ve got Dropbox connected to my laptop too, so everything is in two places pretty much. I have a folder for each post, so I can quickly flick back to an old post if I need to grab a particular image, style or wording. I pay for Dropbox on a monthly basis, but given that I use it for my personal photos too, I think it’s well worth the money. Definitely a great back up system that can be reached when you’re on the move; I use it sometimes to grab photos for Instagram, as one example.

2. Trello

I’ve talked about Trello a lot, I feel like I could be an ambassador of Trello (I would love that), but seriously I would be a little lost without having Trello there to help me plan my content, keep on track with deadlines and make sure I have everything covered in good time. It feels like Trello was made for bloggers and you can read a little bit more about how I use it to organise my blog (and life) here.

3. Keep

The idea for this post came to me while I was sat in traffic on my way to work. I quickly noted down the key points in Keep and off I went. Keep, or any form of notes app on a smartphone feels like an essential for a blogger. There are so many times, at the most unexpected of places, that ideas come to me, or I’m reminded of something I need to do. Keep lets me quickly note it down without a further thought, ready for me to come back to later. Plus, with Keep you can colour code notes, add them to folders, add labels and a whole lot more. Keep is also available on desktop.

4. Hootsuite

If you want to spread the word and attract new visitors to your blog, sometimes scheduling posts and social media updates is the best way – especially if you have a full time job or a busy schedule. Hootsuite is one of the best; I use it for scheduling tweets only – but it can be used for scheduling Facebook messages and as a prompt for your Instagram posts. The reason I post Facebook separately – on Facebook directly in fact – is because you’ll apparently keep their algorithms happy by scheduling directly on Facebook. Anyone else heard that too?

5. Pen and paper

As much as I love technology, for so many things, you can never beat old fashioned pen and paper. I use my Erin Condren planner to note down the things I need to do, and would like to do that week. Sometimes blogging can feel overwhelming but by breaking it down into small manageable chunks it keeps it enjoyable. There’s something hugely rewarding about having a hand written list that you tick off through a day, evening or lunch break (if you’re like me).

I could’ve included so many more – Facebook, Drive, Slack, WordPress calendar are just a few off the top of my head. This gives a good starting point though. What tools do you use to manage your blog that you wouldn’t be without? I’d love to hear; love finding new web apps especially.

I hope you found this post useful; I’ve also got lots more ideas over on my Marketing and Blogging Pinterest board, so do pop over for further reads. You can also email or tweet me if you need a helping hand with any blogging questions.

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Thanks for reading!

Leanne x

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5 common blog obstacles and how to overcome them

Hello! I’m back today with another marketing themed blog post, this time looking a 5 common blog obstacles a lot of bloggers seem to face and notes on how to overcome them.

Before I talk about blog obstacles I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who took the time to read the Trello post I published last month. I was so nervous about putting it out there and annoying readers, as it’s not really craft or home related, but the response was great and I’ve even got a few new people using Trello and seeing the benefits. That’s a huge win and makes the time I spent putting that post together totally worthwhile. So, onto today’s post…

5 common blog obstacles (and how to overcome them!) - Post via This Little Space of Mine

5 common blog obstacles and how to overcome them

I’ve picked and discussed 5 common blog obstacles below; these are ones I’ve come across or know there’s been a lot of discussion on. We all face our own unique battles and I hope this will help guide you if you’re new to blogging or been blogging for a while and are finding yourself getting ‘stuck’. I’m happy to answer further questions in a follow up post, so your feedback would be wonderful. You can also email or tweet me if you need a helping hand with anything blogging related. So let’s go –

1. No one is reading my blog, what’s the point?

I include this one because it’s been a bug bear of mine over the years. Ultimately I always come to the conclusion that you’ve got to be blogging for yourself. Yes remember your audience, but stick to your guns, stick to posting about what you’re genuinely interested in and your tribe will find you eventually (with a little help from self-promotion on social media). The point has to be it’s for you and if it’s not, perhaps blogging isn’t the right avenue for you.

2. My blog isn’t as good as x, y or z and it’s dragging me down.

Oh self-doubt and comparison is a horrible thing. We’ve all been there and we’re all critical of our own work – I know I am. But remember your journey and where you are in your story; the likelihood is that you’re comparing yourself to someone who has been blogging for a long time, does it for a full time job, has a team of collaborators etc. The reasons are endless. The point is you have your own story to tell; sure, be inspired by what others are doing to push you further, but don’t let it drag you down. If it is, stop looking at them.

3. I don’t even know what to write about anymore.

Have you thought about having a blog break? I did it last summer for 6 weeks (and plan to do it again this year) and it was a great opportunity to have a rest and re-charge the creative batteries. Sometimes you can be “too in it” to see objectively, so a break could give you a chance to rest, plan and re-focus. If that’s not an option, how about creating a series of small posts to space out content? Or there are lots of posts on my Marketing and Blogging Pinterest board designed to give content ideas.

4. I’m struggling to find the time to blog.

I work full time and totally understand this, but I’m always of the opinion that you’ll make time if it’s something you really enjoy. I plan/prep blog posts during my lunch break, in the evenings and over the weekend. I have to think about my time carefully and I’d be lost without my Trello board (check out my post on organising your blog calendar with Trello), my Erin Condren Planner and scheduling tools on Hootsuite and Facebook. Scheduling and forward thinking is key here, but always think about what’s realistic for you; I know I physically couldn’t blog every day (nor do I want to), but I’ve found my groove with 3 times a week.

5. There are so many social media channels out there – which ones should I be using?

It’s true, there are! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Periscope, the list goes on! The best thing you can do is spend time on the channels you enjoy the most; while I love the idea of YouTube I don’t know if I have the time or energy to really give it the attention it deserves to produce great content. It’s much better to give the best you possibly can on a handful of channels then spread yourself too thinly on all. I’d definitely recommend setting up profiles on these channels (if nothing else, to own the username!) but pick a couple and work to build engagement on those and then expand if you feel comfortable. My favourites are Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

I hope you’ve found this useful; do you agree or disagree with any of my points? I’d love to hear your feedback. I’ve also got lots more ideas over on my Marketing and Blogging Pinterest board, so do pop over for further reads. You can also email or tweet me if you need a helping hand with any blogging questions.

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Thanks for reading and I hope you have a good Wednesday!

Leanne x

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How I use Trello to organise my blog (and my life!)

I’ve been sitting on this post for a while, probably a good year in fact. It’s a concept I’ve been mulling over; while I talk a lot about crafts on here, my day to day job isn’t something I really share online too much. In fact, I don’t think many blogs I read talk about their day to day lives, so I’m kind of curious. So before I start talking about Trello and I use it organise my blog, I hope you don’t mind me giving you a little background.

I work in marketing and have done since I graduated with a Business Management degree in 2007. I started in field marketing before moving to email marketing about six and a half years ago. I’ve worked with lots of great clients and love seeing how businesses operate and grow, as well as seeing the success they have in email and wider marketing. The field keeps me learning and that’s one of the best things about my job.

So I’m going to do something brave and challenge myself to posting a monthly blog about marketing; I’ll keep it fairly broad and always aim to bring it back to blogging and being creative, so hopefully you’ll stick with me. Even if you’re not in marketing or are a blogger, I’d hope there’s still something you can take from it.

Today I’m excited to share with you my love of Trello and how useful I think it can be to organising your blog and your blog editorial calendar. So let’s get stuck in…

How to use Trello to organise your blog (and your life!). Post and top tips via This Little Space of Mine

How I use Trello to organise my blog (and my life!)

Trello is a project management board where you can have lists, cards, due dates, labels, checklists, calendar views etc. You can move things around and build a board how it works for you – so there’s lots of flexibility. It’s primarily web based, but they also have an app for Apple and Android. I love Trello and I have done for years; it was introduced to me by a work colleague and it’s a tool I use for work, blogging and organising my personal life – so this post isn’t just for bloggers, I promise!

Here’s a snapshot of how my February blogging board looked:

How I use Trello to organise my blog. This Little Space of Mine

You’ll see I have lists for each week of February – which I run from Monday to Sunday, and then there are what they call cards for each blog post. I also have cards for my social media scheduling and monthly newsletter. Here’s a closer look at the first two weeks of February.

How I use Trello to organise my blog. This Little Space of Mine

A few key features that I find really useful:

Labels. You’ll see just above the blog post titles various colours, which I’ve set up to tell me where I am in the process of completing the post:

  • Green: To research/make/read/bake/visit
  • Yellow: To photograph
  • Orange: To edit photographs
  • Red: To write
  • Purple: Scheduled
  • Blue: Social updates scheduled

Due dates. Beneath the blog post title you’ll see a date, which you can set and adjust as you need. As the date approaches the colour changes to let you know it’s pending (you can also set up email notifications). There’s also a calendar view to show you more visually how your blog schedule looks – similar to the WordPress plugin.

How I use Trello to organise my blog. This Little Space of Mine

Checklists. The checklist feature is incredibly helpful and ensures I cover everything I need to for a given post. You’re able to copy cards, so once you’ve set up one blog card with checklists you can copy it as many times as you need – no need to repeat yourself (so keeping it nice and efficient). For me I’ve tried to stay away from lots of lists in the past, but ultimately it makes me more likely to get 1) stressed and 2) forget something, so the checklist feature is one of my favourite things about Trello. Here’s an example checklist I use when writing a post.

How I use Trello to organise my blog. This Little Space of Mine

My checklists cover photography, writing the post, scheduling and organising social media posts.

You can also see how you’re progressing through a checklist when you look at a card on the board (meaning you don’t have to click into each and every card to double check).

Adding images. You’ll notice on a couple of cards that I’ve added images; with Trello you can upload as many images and attachments as you need. I use images to make the board more visual for me, but more so to tell me that I’ve finished creating the photographs I need to for that particular post. You can also attach from URLs, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and more.

Customising. As well as labels, you can also add stickers and change the background. I tend not to use stickers (as it makes it a bit too busy for me!) but I’ve customised the background to something relevant to my branding. It’s worth adding here that Trello is free, with an option to upgrade to Trello Business Class. The paid for option gives you a lot more options to customise, as well as integrations with other platforms, and I uploaded my own background when they ran a free trial. The standard background options are from a palette of colours.

Multiple users. While not relevant to my blog at the moment, at work a team of us use Trello and work from the same board; we all have access and can assign ourselves to cards and @ mention each other if there’s something we need to alert them to. When Stu and I moved house we also set up a board for things we need to do and buy and would assign each other tasks. This makes it a great tool if you’re collaborating with someone or a group of people on a project.

Setting up an ideas board

I used to have a list on this board where I’d add blog post ideas, but found the board was starting to get messy and I wasn’t able to clearly see my ideas and how they fit with the Create, Home and Lifestyle themes of my blog. I’ve recently set up a second Trello board (you can have as many as you need) and so far it seems to be working. I thought having two boards would be a bit daunting, but breaking it down is a theme that works well for me. Here’s a snapshot of my ideas board as it looked at the beginning of February – some of these ideas may never come to light, but you never know!

How I use Trello to organise my blog. This Little Space of Mine

Beyond Trello – using pen and paper

While I use Trello on a daily basis, I still like to use pen and paper to help keep me organised – this applies to my blog and work life. For my blog I have this pad of paper from OhNoRachio’s shop where I filter what I need to do and what would be nice to do in a week, which is paper clipped to my Erin Condren planner. That way Trello never gets too overwhelming for me and allows me to breakdown posts and progress I’ve made.

So what do you think – could this help you with your blogging, work or personal life? I use Trello for so much in my life and I can’t now imagine not using it – I even used it for organising Christmas presents last year!

If you’re looking for more information on how to get started with Trello, they’ve got a great selection of guides that’ll help you, as well as some interesting user stories over on their blog. As a company I really support them and enjoy their brand. I hope you’ll love them as much as me.

If you have any questions on Trello, or feedback on this new post and marketing feature drop me a comment below or tweet me – be great to hear from you.

Leanne x

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