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How to take photos of a blanket – help!

So I’ve been dreading this for the last month or so… how am I going to photograph my sky blanket?

I’m down to the last few squares this week and the idea of now taking photos to show it off and share with everyone is petrifying me. The perfectionist in me wants them to be the best photographs in the world; heck, I’ve worked on this blanket for 14 months, they’ve got to be good!

Naturally, I’ve leaned towards my trusty favourite, Pinterest, for ideas and here a few I like the look of (and think I may be able to re-create!).

Source (clockwise): 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

And two more:

Source (clockwise): 1 | 2

Sorry, couldn’t resist the kitty photo – I reckon Freds would go for it if I get him in the right mood! A mixed bag of ideas but it gives me some good options.

What do you think? Any images that stand out to you?

Tips on how to take photos of a blanket (from what I can tell):
  • Natural light is a necessity. But that’s true of all photography I guess!
  • Get outside and shoot from a washing line, bench, chair etc.
  • Tidy up! The most obvious place to shoot a blanket is on a bed or sofa – so time to make the bed, fluff up the cushions etc.
  • A wicker basket is a great way of snapping items – especially crafting items/projects.
  • Hire a professional. Perhaps the cheats way out and budget means it’s not going to happen for me.
The problems I think I’m going to face:
  • The blanket is so big – like king size duvet size!
  • The weather can be so unpredictable so I don’t know if I can entertain the idea of getting outside.
  • Capturing all the colours and textures could be difficult. Moss stitch is a beautiful stitch that I want to show off.
  • I’m lacking ‘pretty’ furniture. We have a bit of a mis-match vibe going on which may make this harder.
  • I want them to be the very best photos ever. Which means I won’t be happy.

Any tips? Have you seen any good photos on your travels that might help me? I’ve set up a Pinterest board where I’m sure I’ll be furiously pinning any inspiration I can get my hands on.

Follow Leanne Beale’s board Photography – blankets on Pinterest.

Can’t believe my sky blanket is almost finished! Stay tuned for ‘the story of’ and lots of photos soon.


Celebrating my 29th birthday

On Saturday 3rd January 2015 I celebrated my 29th birthday so we went up to London for lunch at Balthazar (just off Covent Garden) and a mooch around Liberty. As it’s the first Saturday of the month it tied in nicely with Emma and Michelle’s #1day12pics series, so a golden opportunity to practice my photography and capture the day.

You can find out more about #1day12pics over here – the idea is to take a picture each hour, for 12 hours and share them on Instagram, Twitter etc. using the hashtag. You’ll see below that I haven’t completely stuck to that, but it gives you a feel for what my day looked like.

Celebrating my 29th birthday - This Little Space of Mine

So the day started with a cup of tea and some cards and presents. I may have woken my sister up early so she could watch me open my presents – sorry Ali! My presents included a coat (see below) and a fox dress (see below again!). After that it was time to get ready to go up to London…

Celebrating my 29th birthday - This Little Space of Mine

It was raining! All day! After missing one train and then because of engineering works at Wimbledon arriving late into Waterloo, we decided to jump in a taxi to Covent Garden. That felt like a real treat.

Celebrating my 29th birthday - This Little Space of Mine

The birthday celebrations began! I’d wanted to go to Balthazar since it opened in London a couple of years ago and I wasn’t disappointed! As soon as we sat down the waitress complimented me on my fox dress and wished me a happy birthday. We ordered wine and bread to get us started…

Celebrating my 29th birthday - This Little Space of Mine

…before ordering some delicious red wine and steak for lunch! I felt really spoilt and the staff couldn’t have done anymore for us. They helped us pick what to order and really made us feel welcome and comfortable. Our food was also amazing. So tasty, I didn’t want it to end!

Celebrating my 29th birthday - This Little Space of Mine

And then I was sung happy birthday to and given a plate of tasty French pastries. My favourite? The lemon meringue (on the right). I shared with Stu and he loved the marshmallow.

Celebrating my 29th birthday - This Little Space of Mine

After lunch I couldn’t resist having my photo taken outside the Cambridge Satchel Company shop, with my brand new Cambridge Satchel in tow.

Celebrating my 29th birthday - This Little Space of Mine

As it’d stopped raining we opted to walk from Covent Garden to Liberty; even though Christmas has passed it was still nice to see all the lights as we walked down Regent Street.

Celebrating my 29th birthday - This Little Space of Mine

Liberty! OK, not an amazing shot, but you get the drift. It was nice to mooch around, though going with a boy may not have been the best idea in the world!

A big thank you to everyone from their birthday wishes and thank you to my family and friends for all my lovely presents and cards – it made my birthday weekend very special.


Learning about photography

Photography has always been one of those arts I’ve wanted to learn. I’ve kept on the outside, admiring well composed photographs, photographers and their profession and thought one day. So recently I plucked up the courage to talk to a friend about how I wanted to learn and he very kindly lent me his D3100, while I save to buy a DSLR camera of my own. It’s a pretty big investment so this way it gives me an opportunity to play around and see how I get on. I’ve been very fortunate to have been lent one, as well as a few books.

While I continue to learn this new skill I wanted to share with you some further reading and tips and 5 of the photos I’ve taken so far, that I would consider my favourites. I would imagine I’ll improve in time and look back on these in horror, but I want to document my progress and share my journey with you.

If you’re also learning more about photography make yourself known – I’d love to hear how people are tackling this art form.

Further tips and photography reading
  • Join in on Emma’s blog chat on Twitter, every Thursday evening from 9-10pm.
  • Set up some Pinterest boards of photographs you like, for example scenary, products, styling – anything at all that inspires you. Here’s my Pinterest page for you to browse.
  • Ready to buy a camera? This comparison website will definitely come in handy.
  • If you own a camera but need a little help, I’ve been told Emily Quinton at Make Light holds insightful photograhy classes.

Without further ado, here are my attempts so far. What do you think?

Learning photography - This Little Space of Mine

I was told that getting animal photos can be tricky, so I was super pleased with this fluke shot of Freds as he walked towards me.

Learning photography - This Little Space of Mine

With my camera phone I’ve always found it tricky to give a feel for the texture of my sky blanket, so I was happy I’ve started learning how to capture that.

Learning photography - This Little Space of Mine

My first go at food photography and while improvements could always be made, I was pleased with this photo of banana loaf.

Learning photography - This Little Space of Mine

Why do I like this photo? It had just started to rain and I love the raindrops I captured.

Learning photography - This Little Space of Mine

When we made plans to go to the zoo last month I was sure I’d be able to get lots of good photos, but unfortunately not (the animals are just too far away!). Having said that, I love giraffes and I love the contrast of him against the sand in this photo.

What do you think? Any advice or tips would be greatly received!