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5 podcasts to download today (part 2)

Oh podcasts, listening to you keeps me company as I drive the M3 to work. Those long journeys can be so dull, but since listening to podcasts and audio books it’s changed my life. Before I’d listen to the radio or music and I’d be constantly flicking or waiting until the next song and time would drag. Nowadays I can be happily listening to a podcast, only to be disappointed when I arrive at work and have to turn it off.

So this post is a follow up to the first, with 5 more podcasts to download and listen to today. The best part? There are even more podcasts I love and I feel like some kind of addictive collector, asking people and seeking new listens all the time!

5 podcasts to download today - featuring Elise Gets Crafty, Blogtacular, Pomcast, Mortified and Adam Buxton. This Little Space of Mine

My Dad Wrote a Porno

The title is a giveaway, but this podcast is definitely not for everyone. Also be prepared to laugh a lot and wretch at some of the details. The premise of this podcast is that Jamie Morton found out his dad wrote an erotic novel about the adventures of Belinda Blumenthal and how she succeeds in the world of ‘business’. Jamie is sharing the story chapter by chapter with friends James Cooper and Alice Levine. It is a highlight of my week and now the 2nd series has finished my Monday just isn’t the same!

Find out more and listen to the podcast here.


I love Gretchen Ruben, I’ve read her books and back in the summer I was delighted to find she has a podcast (in fact she’s had it for quite a while!) with her sister, Elizabeth Craft. The podcast is all about about how to be happier, with every day steps and practical tips from a wealth of sources, that we can all learn something from. Episodes are around 40 minutes and there’s something really comfy about this podcast; I love the insight Gretchen and Elizabeth give us into their lives and I completely and utterly binged on the podcast when I first found it.

Find out more and listen to the podcast here.

Switched on Pop

This podcast is all about pop – or popular music – and the ins and outs of a song and what makes it a hit (or not). Hosted by Nate Sloan and Charlie Harding, these two know their stuff and I’ve found it really interesting to hear them talk about and break down the composition and lyrics of songs I’ve probably listened to hundreds of times and never really thought about. They reference on their website how they help listeners find “a-ha” moments in the music and it’s so true! Episodes have included Taylor Swift, Adele, Drake, Sia and so many more. Great podcast if you love your pop music as much as I do!

Find out more and listen to the podcast here.

Ctrl Alt Delete

From the book with the same name, Ctrl Alt Delete is hosted by writer Emma Gannon. A new listen for me, Emma interviews guests who have stories to tell about growing up online and how the internet and social media plays a part in their lives. Emma always comes across as friendly and you feel like you’re in the room when she’s interviewing guests. I find listening to Ctrl Alt Delete always inspires me to keep doing what I’m doing, and to not be afraid to be me. The episodes with Elizabeth Gilbert, Dawn O’Porter and Mara Wilson have been three highlights so far so far.

Find out more and listen to the podcast here.

A Playful Day

Last but by no means least comes A Playful Day, my weekly hug from creative pal Kate. Kate explores a specific subject area and how it links to creativity in each season of her podcast, with the latest being family. It’s an emotive listen at times, but one that warms my heart and makes me feel less alone when the chips are down and inspires to make and challenge myself creatively when the chips are up (is that a thing? it should be). You know you enjoy a podcast when you look forward to the next episode; A Playful Day fits that bill.

Find out more and listen to the podcast here.

So what are you listening to? If you have a podcast you’re loving, let me know!

Thanks for reading.

Leanne x

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5 podcasts to download today

When it comes to podcasts I feel like I’m so incredibly late to the party. Everyone has been listening to them for years, right? I’ve always seen podcasts I like the look of, but never been sure how to listen to them. It sounds so silly, I know! I hear of iTunes and think, well what about Android users? Then towards the end of last year my boyfriend starting getting into podcasts on his Android, told me what to download (and a few podcasts to listen to) and off I went. I use Podcast Addict; it’s great.

So now I love them; they make my journey to and from work more enjoyable (and the journey goes quicker!) and I listen while I’m cooking, crafting etc. They provide good company too, when music just isn’t what I want.

5 podcasts to download today - featuring Elise Gets Crafty, Blogtacular, Pomcast, Mortified and Adam Buxton. This Little Space of Mine

In today’s post I wanted to share and shout about 5 podcasts I’ve been listening to and enjoying – in case you’re like me and a) are late to the podcast party or b) would like to find new listens.

Elise Gets Crafty

Oh boy, I love this podcast. I started with the episode where the creator of 1 second every day shared his story and haven’t looked back. In each weekly episode, Elise discusses blogging, business and creativity – with a new guest each time. Even if you’re not ‘into’ any of those things, there’s a lot of inspiration to be found around working practices, keeping organised and looking after yourself. Elise finds genuinely interesting people to speak to (who you can resonate with), gets insight from them I haven’t heard in other podcasts and keeps it enjoyable – most podcasts are around 35 minutes too, so it doesn’t drag. Listening to an episode on my drive to work feels like it’s kick starting my day in a positive way, so I highly recommend a listen. Also, and this is how late I am to the party, Elise is the creator of Get to Work Book; in planner land this product seems to be growing and growing in popularity.

Find out more and listen to Elise Gets Crafty here.


Pomcast is a knitting podcast that comes from the team at Pom Pom Quarterly magazine. Above anything else, it’s just a fun podcast that always makes me smile and want to hang out with Lydia and Sophie at the pub (obviously while knitting!). The funny thing is, those ladies are what I call ‘grown up’ knitters; they knit with ‘proper’ yarn that costs more than your average Stylecraft ball of yarn. I’m not a ‘grown up’ knitter, but sure would like to be one day, but that difference doesn’t make the podcasts any less enjoyable to listen to. They regularly interview designers and fellow knitters, plus squeeze in details of what they’ve been making and random chit chat. It’s one of those podcasts where I get excited for the next episode to arrive.

Find out more and listen to Pomcast here.


You may remember me talking about Blogtacular before (see here); it’s a place for “place for bloggers whose hearts beat with creativity to come together to meet, share and inspire” and, alongside their annual blogger conference, they’ve recently branched out into the land of podcasts. Kat kicked things off with Marte Marie Forsberg, who I heard talk at Blogtacular and have found her hugely inspiring ever since. The podcast is very much aimed at creatives and those with their own business (or business day dreams!) and love to be crafty in whatever shape that may be. A friendly and fun podcast, I look forward to hearing more guests.

Find out more and listen to Blogtacular here.

Adam Buxton

If you’re looking for something away from being creative, Adam Buxton‘s podcast is the one for you. I never listened to the Adam and Joe show on the BBC or XFM (though the back catalogue is available), but this podcast is great fun and there’s something dry and enjoyable and his humour. Adam has so far interviewed the likes of Louis Theroux, Rob Brydon and my favourite, Caitlin Moran. The topics he discusses captivate me and keep me interested, plus there are various skits and funny anecdotes. The show is currently on a break, but I really hope it returns soon. In the meantime there are 12 episodes to keep you entertained.

Find out more and listen to Adam Buxton here.


And finally, for something completely different, how about Mortified? The Mortified Podcast is “angst written”; in a live-stand up environment guests share their childhood writings – so diaries, poems etc. Can you imagine sharing your teenage diary?! The horror! For that reason it’s a fun, light hearted podcast that I often listen to while I’m at work; it’s great to have on in the background for company. The laughter sometimes grates on me, but all in all this podcast makes me laugh; the people who share their stories are so brave!

Find out more and listen to Mortified here.

So what are you listening to? Whenever someone says the word podcast in conversation I’m all excited and asking what they’re listening to (the novelty hasn’t worn off!). So if you have a podcast you’re loving, let me know! Equally, if you listen to one of the above, let me know what you think, I hope you like them.

Thanks for reading.

Leanne x

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