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How to take photos of a blanket – help!

So I’ve been dreading this for the last month or so… how am I going to photograph my sky blanket?

I’m down to the last few squares this week and the idea of now taking photos to show it off and share with everyone is petrifying me. The perfectionist in me wants them to be the best photographs in the world; heck, I’ve worked on this blanket for 14 months, they’ve got to be good!

Naturally, I’ve leaned towards my trusty favourite, Pinterest, for ideas and here a few I like the look of (and think I may be able to re-create!).

Source (clockwise): 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

And two more:

Source (clockwise): 1 | 2

Sorry, couldn’t resist the kitty photo – I reckon Freds would go for it if I get him in the right mood! A mixed bag of ideas but it gives me some good options.

What do you think? Any images that stand out to you?

Tips on how to take photos of a blanket (from what I can tell):
  • Natural light is a necessity. But that’s true of all photography I guess!
  • Get outside and shoot from a washing line, bench, chair etc.
  • Tidy up! The most obvious place to shoot a blanket is on a bed or sofa – so time to make the bed, fluff up the cushions etc.
  • A wicker basket is a great way of snapping items – especially crafting items/projects.
  • Hire a professional. Perhaps the cheats way out and budget means it’s not going to happen for me.
The problems I think I’m going to face:
  • The blanket is so big – like king size duvet size!
  • The weather can be so unpredictable so I don’t know if I can entertain the idea of getting outside.
  • Capturing all the colours and textures could be difficult. Moss stitch is a beautiful stitch that I want to show off.
  • I’m lacking ‘pretty’ furniture. We have a bit of a mis-match vibe going on which may make this harder.
  • I want them to be the very best photos ever. Which means I won’t be happy.

Any tips? Have you seen any good photos on your travels that might help me? I’ve set up a Pinterest board where I’m sure I’ll be furiously pinning any inspiration I can get my hands on.

Follow Leanne Beale’s board Photography – blankets on Pinterest.

Can’t believe my sky blanket is almost finished! Stay tuned for ‘the story of’ and lots of photos soon.


Sky blanket update – so close, but so far!

A few people have asked me about my sky blanket recently – that pesky year long project that’s way more involved than I ever could have imagined!

It’s not finished yet! But… I only have 24 squares left to knit! I’m about 6 squares away from starting the final row, which seems crazy – I can’t wait to start it, knowing I’ll be sewing in the final loose ends. Speaking of loose ends, for some reason I’ve been keeping all of them this year – I have a bag full. Any ideas what to do with them, other than put them in the bin?

Here are a few pictures of how it’s looking…

Skyblanket update - This Little Space of Mine

Skyblanket update - This Little Space of Mine

The never ending pile of squares to sew together!

Skyblanket update - This Little Space of Mine

I’ve had my highs and lows with making my sky blanket, but knowing that I’m near the end is giving me a new found enthusiasm to get the job done. I’m working on my final Love Knitting project at the moment but then it’s full steam ahead.

My aim is to have it all done by the end of February, so I can share the story of the sky blanket (in its entirety) at the beginning of March. I’ve said it now, so I really want to deliver!

Coincidentally this week Laura at Bugs and Fishes shared stories and photos of other sky blanket projects fellow crafters have taken on – I love that other sky blankets exist out there!

What craft projects are you working on at the moment? Any I might like once I’ve finished my sky blanket?


5 tips for working on a year long craft project

5 top tips for taking on a year-long craft project

At the beginning of 2014 I began a sky blanket. Inspired by Laura’s blog, the concept is to knit a square for every day of the year based on the colour of the sky at midday. I have a pallet of five colours to work from and I work with two each day. I’ve been recording the colours in a notebook and have slowly (and sometimes painfully!) been making the blanket this year.

5 tips for a year long craft project - This Little Space of Mine

With that in mind, I wanted to share some of the lessons I’ve learnt through the year while working on this year long craft project. It’s not easy, but the sense of achievement is huge.

  1. Don’t fall too far behind

    Perhaps easier said then done, but try and pace yourself and work little and often. That way, even if you do fall behind you’ll still be in reaching distance of being able to catch up.

  2. Have other projects on the go

    Having a balance can only be a good thing. The sky blanket is knitted, so I opted for a couple of cross stitch and small sewing projects.

  3. Remember the time of year!

    My one main lesson from the sky blanket is that knitting in the summer is horrible. No other way around it, when it’s hot the last thing I wanted to do was knitting and feel even more hot and bothered. Summer is for sewing and knitting is for winter.

  4. Get other people involved

    It’s going to be a long year if you haven’t got people around you who are interested in what you’re working on. My sky blanket requires me to check the sky colour at midday everyday and I love the fact my work colleagues also look out the window and sometimes help me decide on the colours to use.

  5. Make it something portable

    Thankfully I’ve been able to take my sky blanket squares with me, so even when I’ve been on holiday I could take it with me and work on it in quiet times. Nothing better than knitting on holiday! I think I would’ve fallen quite far behind had I not been able to take it around with me.

    And one for luck…

  6. Don’t underestimate how much time it takes

    I naively underestimated just how much time it takes to make a blanket. I thought about the time for knitting a square but never even considered the time it takes to sew the squares together or tie in loose ends. Had I known, I probably would’ve made each square much smaller.

Here are a couple more photos of my sky blanket, including a special appearance from Freds the cat. For more insight into my sky blanket and how it’s grown head here.

5 tips for a year long craft project - This Little Space of Mine

5 tips for a year long craft project - This Little Space of Mine

5 tips for a year long craft project - This Little Space of Mine

Are you thinking of taking on a year long craft project? While my sky blanket has been a labour of love, I’m so pleased I stuck with it and I can’t wait to see how it looks once we go into 2015.

I doubt I’ll do another lengthy project for a while, I’m looking forward to being able to freely work on projects, but don’t let that put you off – it’s a good challenge to have.