The year in books – June 2016

Hello, I hope you had a good bank holiday weekend! Today marks the last day of May, so I thought I’d catch up on what I’ve been reading this month and what I plan to read next, all part of my 2016 goal to read at least one book a month, as part of Circle of Pine Tree’s the year in books.

I’m about the enter the sixth month of the challenge and I’ve noticed that my reading has slowed down in recent months. Probably because I’ve been reading ‘bigger’ books that take a little longer, but perhaps it’s also a seasonal change? Do you read more/less in the summer? It certainly makes sense that I’d read more in the cold months; though I’m looking forward to Greece in August – I always love reading lots when I’m on holiday and can fully relax.

The year in books - July 2016 - This Little Space of Mine

Before I talk about The Happiness Project, my choice for June, here’s how I got on with May’s read.

The Year of Living Danishly by Helen Russell

Another read I thoroughly enjoyed. The Year of Living Danishly, had my laugh, learn and stop for a moment to think about what’s important. The insight into Danish life is detailed and well-researched and I felt like I really learned something; there were several moments where I’d say to Stu “Did you know Danes…” to which he’d usually respond with you “you and that book”. While I’m not about to jump ship to live in Denmark, it’s certainly made me more hungry to visit there and I loved Helen Russell’s approach and raw honesty about the changes she and her husband were making in their life. There’s a quote on the back page which referenced the story being poignant and I certainly agree; those last couple of chapters are thought provoking and very sweet. Highly recommend this book.

June’s book choice

Having loved The Year of Living Danishly, as well as listening to the Happier podcast with Gretchen Ruben and Elizabeth Craft this past month, I’ve decided to re-read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin in June.

I first read The Happiness Project in 2012 when, looking back I’d suggest I was quite unhappy. Fast forward four years and, with the exception of recent events, I feel happy and content in my life and with the people in it. I thought it would therefore make for an interesting contrast – perhaps it’ll change my opinion on the book? All I know is that I thoroughly enjoyed it the first time round and took a lot from it – probably more than I realise – so definitely nothing to lose by re-reading. When I picked it up again the other day I noticed a lot of post it notes I stuck in it; clearly there were some bits and pieces I wanted to hold onto, so I’m curious to see what they were.

Have you read anything you loved recently? I hope my monthly posts on what I’m reading are inspiring you to read more. Don’t forget to catch the #theyearinbooks hashtag over on Instagram!

Leanne x

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